Bevvy of the Week – Tequila, Soon to be The Next Big Thing

Tequila – The Next Big Thing

Gin and Irish Whiskey are really big now and are the drinks of choice for many these days.  Gin and whiskey bars are popping up all over the place. Bars and clubs are dedicating full sections of their premises to these drinks and one in Dublin even has a Gin Micro-Distillery in it. The quality of these drinks are amazing and the choice is plenty but these drinks were the next big thing, now they are, and will continue to be very much in the main stream but what’s next? 

Bevvy of the Week - Tequila, Soon to be The Next Big Thing

Well I think Tequila will be the next big thing on these shores.

You may be thinking that Tequila is already very popular and has been for many years, and I would agree, but Tequila has a bad rap with many. It’s a drink that comes out at the end of the night or at the start to get the party going. Many have suffered ‘shore’ heads over the years and have put the blame solely on the few Tequila shots they had the night before. The reason Tequila hasn’t reached the heights of vodka, gin and whiskey is that our attitude towards Tequila is totally different than the other drinks.

Bevvy of the Week - Tequila, Soon to be The Next Big Thing

Tequila is associated with mad nights out, shots at the bar and nights ending in a crazy mess. The other drinks can be associated with going for a few or having a few drinks with friends at home. It’s this association that is Tequila’s down fall.

Bevvy of the Week - Tequila, Soon to be The Next Big Thing

I have been a big fan of Tequila for a long time now. Yes it started off with shots at the bar but it turned into a drink that I would enjoy neat or on the rocks much the way whiskey is enjoyed, and if I was out on a night out and wanted to drink spirits rather than beer I would mix Tequila with lemon or soda water in a long drink. Pineapple juice works well too.

Bevvy of the Week - Tequila, Soon to be The Next Big Thing

A lot of people are starting to enjoy Tequila this way and there is a lot of excellent quality Tequila available now, Olmeca Altos, Cabo Wabo and Patron to name just a small few of the high end choices. Brands like Sierra, Jose Cuervo and Omeca are good quality choices but more mainstream.

I remember being in Mexico many years ago and walking into an Off Licence and seeing all different types of Tequila’s floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Now I’m not saying that we are going to see the like of that over here but we will start seeing Tequila filling up bar and Off Licence shelves much the way we are seeing gin and whiskey’s and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few Tequila Bars popping up too.

So remember you heard it here first on The Life of Stuff, Tequila the next big thing!

Oh ah Tequila

Enjoy, Sláinte


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