Boxfit – A review

What is Boxfit?


Boxfit is a cardiovascular workout with classes lasting between 45 mins to one hour. It is based on the training used for boxing so it includes skipping, boxing drills including footwork and abdominal workouts – all focusing on fitness and toning.

Boxfit - A review

Funnily enough, I really enjoyed my training! but then again I wasn’t training to get in a ring with Joe Frazier!

So as mentioned above Boxfit is a cardio workout. It’s all about working up a sweat (or perspiration for the ladies among us, as my mum has said ‘horses sweat, ladies perspire’) and toning those muscles. You’ve probably seen adverts for Boxfit classes in your local gym/sports centre, on communal notice boards, on Facebook or through online deals. Maybe you’ve completed a course and loved it, maybe you started and never returned. I completed my six week course and I’m looking forward to returning as I really enjoyed it and I feel I’ve found a workout that both makes me feel good and which I find fun!

Who’s it for?

The class that I attended was for ladies, but there are gents only and mixed classes available so if you’re considering joining, join a class that you’ll feel most comfortable in. If you have any doubts as to whether you are fit enough or ‘able’ for the class, don’t hesitate to ask the instructor if you can try a class before you sign up for a six or eight week course. You could even ask if it’s possible to observe a class for a while. However I think and many would agree that boxfit is for every level of fitness and there should never be a problem with taking a break or slowing down, you are in control of your own body after all. What have you got to loose by trying it? You might hate it but you might really love it!

Do you need a partner?

When I joined, I joined with two friends, which made it fun but you don’t need to have a partner to join. As there were three of us in a class 12+, we each took it in turns to partner up with each other and with someone else on the course each week. There were lots there with friends and lots solo so don’t let that stop you from biting the bullet and joining.

What do you wear?

I wore a vest, tracksuit bottoms and trainers, oh and a sports bra … look after those boobies girls! So basically you should wear comfortable gym gear as you will be active.

What do you do?

Well I’m sure different instructors have different routines but I’ll give you an example of what my boxfit class entailed …

  • Warm up – this included jogging on the spot and stretches.
  • Skipping – this took me a little practice but I got there!
  • Floor work – on matts we did sit ups, push ups, star jumps and a combination of pilates and yoga exercises.
  • Boxing – this was where we partnered up, one partner wore boxing pads and the other wore gloves and we were instructed on different punches, boxing techniques and footwork, we then swapped gloves and pads, so everyone got the same work out … this was the fun part of class for sure and really worked our arms and upper body. The footwork part works your legs and although it can be tricky to get the timing and the technique right you can only get better with practice. We also used punch bags but not for every class … these were fun and a great stress release tool!
  • Floor work – more abdominal exercises that included partnered sit ups using the gloves and pads, where one sat up and punched their partner’s pads as they kneeled at one’s feet … tough but worth it!
  • Cool down – stretches and smiles all around
So does Boxfit sound appealing? You’ll never know unless you try it out. Starting a new class and taking up an activity can sometimes seem daunting but there are so many positives that out weigh the negatives … Getting out, getting active, meeting new people and feeling good about yourself are all the positives … what are the negatives?

If this hasn’t encouraged you to try it out, maybe this will …



The Boxfit classes that my friends and I attended and still attend in Dublin City are with Urban Fit Crew, we found the instructors encouraging, the classes a nice size, and the workouts fun. If you would like to know more about Urban Fit Crew just click here

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  1. Hi Calm … thank you! It’s definitely an energetic way to keep fit! Funny enough you should mention a part 2 as this evenings post will be Six Week Zumba Course – A Review! Let me know what you think?!

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