RARE Clothing Company, Dublin

RARE Clothing Company, Dublin


Definitely a new kid on the block as it was only nine weeks old when I called in to chat with Paddy and Martin, the masterminds behind and front of shop at RARE Clothing Company on Dawson Street the other day. I was greeted with a friendly hello, offered information and help so it was evident that the guys are big into good customer service which, to be honest, gets me everytime. RARE is a clothing store that sells and buys Designer and High Street clothing, accessories and footwear to and from the public, some items are actually unworn items from fashion shoots and others still have tags on them! Each and every garment is chosen with care, dry cleaned, displayed and merchandised, giving the store more of a boutique feel rather than a secondhand shop.

So what does RARE Clothing Company offer? Well apart from fabulous Designer and funky High Street garments, footwear and accessories for Women, Men and Children. Apart from weekly events that offer customers Live Music, DJ’s, Wine and nibbles, RARE also offers a service that is completely new to me. It offers trade-ins for items in-store but also items outside of RARE! and I’ll do my best to explain … for example, if you see a pair of shoes in your favourite outlet, it could be Brown Thomas, Aldo or Top Shop or online at ASOS etc. You can bring in a pair of your own ‘used’ shoes, you’ll be offered a price, Paddy or Martin will then purchase the ‘new’ shoes you want and you’ll only pay the difference! Wow! With the recession hitting most and with shoppers wanting value for money without scrimping on their styling, I think this is will be a big hit with Fashionistas.

If you’d like to get in touch with the guys at RARE Clothing Company you can by connecting with them on Facebook here or Twitter here, that is until their website is up and running, which will be in the New Year. Last week I blogged about Five Fabulous Reasons to go Shopping in Dublin City, well this is one store that can be added to that list.

Best wishes RARE and as you say – TRADE IT / WEAR IT / RARE IT



Don’t Forget â†“

  1. Hi
    And many thanks for the kind words.
    We are delighted that you felt the customer service was great.
    We really do want to provide for our customers and make it a fun and enjoyable experience to shop with us.
    As a thank you, any subscriber to “The Life Of Stuff” who visits our store and mentions this page will get a 20% discount up until Sunday 23rd Dec!!

    Thanks Again!!


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