The Life of Stuff NOMINATED in The Blog Awards Ireland ’14


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The Blog Awards Ireland 2014

The Life of Stuff - NOMINATED in The Blog Award Ireland 2014

THE LIFE OF STUFF has been NOMINATED in THE BLOG AWARDS IRELAND 2014 and it’s all thanks to you, you beautiful and supportive readers you! So what does this mean? It means that The Life of Stuff has now made the LONG LIST where it will be judged by some fabulous judges (I hope you guys are reading this … wink wink!) The WINNERS chosen will be completly up to these fantastically talented judges (smiley face), that is apart from the BEST BLOG POST, which will be voted on by you the readers and everyone else … this Best Blog Post Long List has not been published yet, but don’t worry I will let you know when it is and fingers crossed The Life of Stuff is on there too! This year Glenisk are also sponsoring a mega prize from, which I will be entering. Last year I made it to the finals of the Glenisk Competition with one of my delicious recipes, lets see if I can do it again! The details of that competition is here.

For the moment though, let me share with you the CATEGORIES The Life of Stuff has made it into …

Best Journalist Blog

Best Arts & Culture Blog

Best Pop Culture Blog

Best Music Blog

Best Lifestyle Blog

Best Food & Drink Blog

To say I’m only delighted is an understatement. To say that The Life of Stuff is up against strong competition is again an understatement!

For a full list of the LONG LISTS, take a visit to The Blog Awards Ireland website here

THANKS AGAIN to EVERYONE who took the time to NOMINATE! I’m off to pin a new NOMINATED BADGE to The Life of Stuff!

Lots of happiness,

Edwina Elizabeth

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