A Hobby or a Career – Fashion Education is Booming

Fashion Education – a Hobby or a Career

In the past few years the interest in fashion, and ‘Fashion Education’ has increased considerably. It’s side-to-side with the boom of many more fashion career opportunities when compared to previous decades.

Fashion Education is Booming

Demographics are varied and include the general window shoppers curious to learn more about fashion trends. Others want to learn how to make outfits in their spare time. Then there are those with a natural penchant for fashion and an inner passion who are seeking to make it a lifetime profession, and to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

Fashion Education is Booming

Those with an artistic and creative feel might be inclined to take courses in fashion design. Some have dreams of opening up a fashion store and learn about every aspect of the business. Some want to showcase their own design and creations, and become a certified fashion designer or stylist. Many like to do it simply as a hobby (like taking a yoga class or a cooking course, for example).

In the U.S. and Europe it is primarily, simply a part of popular culture. Thanks to multimedia, more and more teens are becoming exposed to fashion in its multiple aspects. Developing an interest at an even younger age than ever before, since the time when, back in the 1940s, glamour and fashion magazines entered the market.

Fashion Education is Booming

The influence of celebrities like famous musicians (especially rappers like Jay-Z, Puff Daddy or 50 Cent) and sports stars is another important reason that has prompted the rise of younger demographics.

Fashion has, in short, now become an inter-generational popular phenomenon. So we see that the boom in fashion education is due to the high increase in consumer demand. This, as well the fast-growing evolution in trends including fluctuating changes in customer preference from ever-expanding new audiences.

Fashion Education is Booming

Fashion Education Demand

A high demand for design education comes especially from China, where there is a growing awareness of the rising economic potential of the global fashion business. These factors have led to the need for the industry to seek a wider range of professional expertise, and subsequently develop specific and detailed courses that can satisfy the demands of different audiences by using an interdisciplinary approach that covers every aspect of the fashion industry. From the design/creative process, store and interior decor logistics, floor planning and display, to fashion law, business strategy, marketing, branding, customer care and financial accounting to name but a few.

In Europe, London is one of the main fashion centres along with Paris and Milan. For this reason it is a very popular study destination. Indeed some of the best fashion courses are organised in London by institutions such as Istituto Marangoni, which also has a high demand for international candidates (undergraduates and postgraduates).

Accredited certifications from professional institutions like AICA (Association of Image Consultants International) and the International Fashion Stylists Association are also integrated into the degree requirements. For a job position in the industry, these provide opportunities to network with important professionals to help give your career a boost.

Have you an interest in Fashion? Would you consider studying Fashion as a career? or maybe as a hobby?

Written by: Mary Davis. Mary is a freelance journalist who loves exploring the world and most of all getting to know different cultures, languages, habits and of course food. She is also very passionate about literature and spends hours in bookstores.

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