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The Ikonics

The iKonics are a three piece rocking pop band from Dublin. They are Dean on vocals, the chap has talent, Wayne on guitar and keyboard and Stephen on piano and keyboard … obviously Wayne and Stephen play one or the other instrument at any one given time but given their musical talent it wouldn’t be surprising if they could play both instruments simultaneously … okay I’m rambling … so guys if you are indeed reading this, sorry about the weak introduction!

The iKonics are three friends who got together and formed a band. Something that many of us have had aspirations to do, however these guys did it and ARE doing it. They’ve headlined in Whelan’s and played some of Dublin’s best live music venues. They’ve featured on Balcony TV and they’ve been guests on RTÉ’s Radio 1. They’ve got a very healthy following who have encouraged them along their musical paths and who will be celebrating with them this Friday, May 17th, when they’ll be performing in The Grand Social for the release of their first single ‘I’m not defeated‘.

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I caught up with the lads to ask them a few questions and they were very kind and answered them! If you would like to know more about the band and keep posted on the release of their forthcoming EP you can check out their website by clicking here or connect with them on Facebook here or Twitter here … or you can get yourself down to The Grand Social this Friday! Wanna taster of what to expect? Check out the live version of their new single I’m not defeated below↓

So guys how did you meet and who suggested becoming a band?

Wayne: Dean & I meet at a party where I was playing guitar with a few other guys I was in a band with. We were playing a few of our own songs & Dean just joined in making up harmonies to songs he’d never even heard! I just remember thinking ‘Wow!! What a voice! I have to make music with that guy!’.

We chatted at the party & I found out that Dean worked in a clothes store on Grafton Street so finally three months after the party I dropped in to him & asked did he want to start a band.

Steve: … and said clothes shop is exactly how I joined the band too! After moving to Dublin, I was in the store and my housemate told me the guy working there was an amazing singer in a band. I pretty much said hello, I play piano, can I join your band. He laughed at me but sure enough, a couple of months later, he buzzed me to come jam with them.

The iKonics is a very strong name and saying a lot about what you think of the band, how did you choose it?

Deano: Yeah that was me! I was sittin with my mate, complaining about not being able to come up with a name for the band. I remember sayin ‘I want something people will remember, something cool, something iconic you know?’ and she just turned around & said ‘How about The iKonics?’ I texted Wayne all excited saying I had a name for us

Wayne: The only thing I never figured out was if he meant to spell with the k in it or if he just spelt it wrong…

You can hear the different influences infused in your music. Who writes your music and song lyrics and do you always agree on how you sound? 

Wayne: I write the bulk of the material – lyrics & music wise but I bring the songs to the lads & we work them up as a band & everyone brings something to the sound. The distinctive iKonics sound is made by all of us.

Stephen: I’m hopeless at lyrics. The guys have an injunction against me writing lyrics. Wayne and Deano are poets in comparison. I’m handy at riffs though – If I do up music for a song or send em on a riff, when we sit down, the boys can buzz off it and write something around it. Think we all bring something different in terms of styles & musical backgrounds. I’m folk, Wayne’s rock and Deano is…  Deano. The songs kind of start as one thing but then completely grow into something else.

You’ve already played Whelan’s and next up is The Grand Social this Friday May 17th, so that’s two of the best live music venues in Dublin covered … do you see yourselves getting on the road and touring?

Dean: I can’t see us getting on the road until September or October. We’re currently rehearsing & recording for the summer with a plan to start touring. London will be one of our first stops I think. Style!

If you could pick a festival to play this summer, which ONE would it be and why?

Stephen: Irish festival wise, I would love to play Body and Soul again. I played there the first year it went solo from Electric Picnic and it was one of the best weekends of my life.  Sun was shining and the craic was had.

Wayne: Austin City Limits Festival in Texas! It’s on in October & I played it a few years ago & it was the best time of my life. It’s sunny, the bands are amazing, the people are so nice…it’s incredible. I’d love to go back.

The Ikonics – I’m Not Defeated (Live on Balcony TV)

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