Arthur’s Day 2012

Arthur’s Day – September 27th, 2012


***** Note that to access the Guinness website links one must be over the age of 18 years but fret not they don’t check ID.

September in Ireland wouldn’t be September in Ireland nowadays without a  pint of the black shtuff to celebrate Saint Arthur’s Day, a celebration of the Arthur Guinness legacy, the creator of Guinness. Being quite fond of a pint of the black shtuff myself, okay maybe I should rephrase that … Being a Guinness drinker myself, I will be quite happy to slaughter sip on a pint this Thursday.

Most drinkers of alcohol will admit that to be a Guinness drinker is to have an acquired taste and so for the first part of the evening when the bell strikes 17.59 (1759 being the year that Arthur Guinness signed a 9000 year lease for the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin where this fine stout was first and still is brewed), I will sit back and enjoy observing the many screwed up faces of those around me as they try their best to force one down, just for the sake of belonging … but sure it’s all in the name of fun (and funding) and there is nothing wrong with wanting to belong sometimes.

Arthur’s Day isn’t reserved for us here in Ireland it’s a global affair and will be celebrated worldwide over the 48 hours of September 27th and 28th. People around the globe will hold their pints of black in the air and proclaim in their best victoriously toned voices ‘To Arthur’ or Martha or Frank or whomever and then dance or rock the night away to live music by world famous or national artists.

Irish Arthur’s Day fans will yet again be spoilt this year with the chance of witnessing talented worldwide and Irish artists. These gigs won’t just take place in major city venues but will also be taking place in ‘local’ pubs and venues throughout the country and will create an added excitement for many as the knowledge grows that Irish bands such as The Riptide Movement, The Original Rudeboys or world renowned artists such as Fatboy Slim, Mumford & Sons, the Fun Loving Criminals, Tinie Tempah or Primal Scream  could be rockin their local boozer … wowsers! (Check the website for details).

For those artists that have not yet travelled first class or for those who haven’t even gotten outside their county … there is an opportunity for them to share the stage with some of  the aforementioned ‘superstars’ as Guinness, Hotpress and RTE 2fm are running a wickedly good competition which will give up and coming acts the opportunity to do so. I thought about entering but my tambourine has been out of tune for a while …. Here’s the link to do so though.

I don’t know where in Dublin I’ll be holding up my pint of black (there are over 200 venues/pubs in Dublin getting in on the action of live entertainment), I don’t know whether I’ll be in a sheebeen choking on the fumes of old boys Guinness farts (and one does choke), or whether I’ll be dancing or rocking away to an Irish or internationally famous DJ, band or singer/songwriter either way I will be checking in (Guinness will donate €5 to the Arthur Guinness Fund for every check-in received) and I’ll be part of the Arthur Guinness posse for as long as it takes to finish a pint at least and possibly for as long as it takes me to start dancing like this …

For more information on who you could bopping the night away to click here

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