Bevvy of the Week – Wine in a Box

Wine in a Box



This week instead of recommending a drink, I will recommend a way of buying wine that might save you money and might save a sore head in the morning.

Now we’ve all thought to ourselves on the way home from work that a glass of wine or two would be nice, but you know once you open a bottle you might drink it all or worse still it might end up down the sink, if not drank in a day or two. Well here’s the answer to that problem, buy your wine in a box.

You might or might not have seen these around the place, and you might of thought to yourself, I’m not buying wine that comes in a box, well you are missing out. These wines come in a number of different sizes, 750ml, 1.5l and so on. The box contains a bag with a little tap on it to access the wine and once opened will last for around 6 weeks. Now you won’t find really good wine sold this way but you will get a good easy drinking wine perfect for a glass or two in the evening, BBQ, or even out and about at the weekend, maybe the beach.

So next time you want a glass or two pick up one of these boxes of wines and you won’t have to worry about the wine turning bad which in turn might make you drink the whole bottle. You should pick up a 1.5l box for around €15.

Cheers, Sláinte,