Carrie – A remake

Remake Coming Soon

Based on the horror novel by Stephen King. Carrie first came to our screens in 1976 in the shape of the unforgettable Sissy Spacek. The story tells of a socially outcast teenager who through her psionic powers delivers revenge on all those who have crossed her path.

This story has been adapted over the years into a broadway show, a film sequel and a television movie. However it will be the first big budget remake in 37 years. Chosen for the role of Carrie, Chloë Moretz, of Kick-Ass fame, will have a lot to live up to compared to Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of the distressed and tormented teenager. Due for release next year we can only wait to judge …

Carrie – Spacek Vs Moretz

Carrie - A remake


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