DrEd Ireland Online Doctor Q&A plus a Special Discount

DrEd Ireland – Online Doctor

Already in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, DrEd has served over 400,000 patients. If you can avail of their service I recommend that you do.

The service is 100% confidential and your consultation will be looked after by a dedicated professional and fully qualified Doctor. When you place an order you can choose whether or not you’d like your own GP informed. If you need your medication urgently you can choose the Pharmacy Collect service where DrEd aims to have your prescription with your local Pharmacy in an hour, otherwise you can get your prescription sent by post to your address and delivery is free. So not only is it safe, fast and efficient but at €20 per prescription – it will save you about €40 too!

Need to know more?  … Here’s all you need to know …

DrEd Ireland Online Doctor Q&A plus a Special Discount

What is DrEd Ireland?

“DrEd is an online doctor. We provide remote online consultation, diagnosis and prescriptions for a range of health care needs, including the contraceptive pill, asthma inhalers and cystitis treatment.

We are re-imagining healthcare, creating radically simpler, faster and more affordable ways for you to get treatment! Our online doctor service allows you to get safe, legal medical treatments and tests for specific conditions from a registered doctor, without having to visit them in person.

DrEd aims to provide a safe and responsible way for you to look after yourself – real doctors, prescribing real treatment, using your computer, phone or tablet – just choose a way you find most suitable.”

DrEd Ireland Online Doctor Q&A plus a Special Discount

How does the service work?

“Go to our website, DrEd.com/ie, and select the treatment you need, whether that be a repeat prescription for your contraceptive pill or a new asthma inhaler.

Simply fill in our straightforward medical questionnaire, when and where it suits you.

One of our doctors will review your assessment and, if appropriate, issue you a prescription.

You can choose for this to be sent directly to your chosen pharmacy if you need the medication urgently. All you need to do is pop into the pharmacy, pay for your medication, and decide what to do with the time and money you’ve saved!

We can also send you your paper prescription in the post if you prefer. These are accepted at all Irish pharmacies.”

What treatment can I get from DrEd?

“DrEd offers a range of treatments that are safe for us to provide remotely. Our women’s health services include prescriptions for cystitis treatment, bacterial vaginosis, and repeat prescriptions for the contraceptive pill. We also offer prescriptions for certain chronic conditions, such as renewing your asthma inhaler and repeat statin treatment.

You can also use DrEd for purchasing home test kits for STIs, including those for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HPV. Prescriptions for chlamydia and gonorrhea treatment are available.”

For a full range of our services, see dred.com/ie/clinics

Is it true that you are up to two-thirds cheaper than seeing a GP?

“Our online doctor consultations cost €20. A face-to-face GP appointment in Ireland can cost up to €60, meaning that our consultations can cost two-thirds less. We also offer a consistent and competitive price, unlike face to face GP appointments which can vary considerably across the country.”


To celebrate the successful launch of DrEd Ireland, The Life of Stuff has teamed up with the lovely DrEd team to bring you a special Reader Discount of 25% off your first online consultation. This Special Reader Discount is valid from one month from the date this post has been posted. 

The Special Discount Code is THELIFEOFSTUFF and should be entered into the code section upon check-out. Please remember that this service is a medical service and your assessment will be reviewed by a DrEd Doctor to determine your suitability for treatment before a prescription is issued. 

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