My Electric Run Dublin 2014 in Photo’s

Electric Run Dublin 2014

A long overdue post today featuring my favourite photo’s from the Electric Run that took place on March 22nd at the RDS in Dublin. The first Electric Run in Europe, it was quite cool that Dublin was chosen. There was some backlash after the event from those who parttook in the event as per some of the facebook comments I read. Some felt that the route wasn’t long enough and didn’t measure the 5k as advertised, others complained that the route wasn’t all rosey and glowing. The biggest contraversy however came from attendees and the public when it was revealed that none of the €250,000 that was raised from the 8,000 tickets sold actually went to The Irish Cancer Society. You see a couple of weeks before the event took place, Electric Run announced that The Irish Cancer Society was their chosen charity. This gave most the impression that some of the monies raised from ticket sales would go towards the charity. This was not the case. What was the case is that there were tickets available at the reduced price of €20.00 for those who wished to run for charity. Tickets without this reduction cost from €35.00 to €43.00. From what I’ve read in the end there were only 88 Electric Run attendees who availed of the aforementioned charity tickets. They did raise €12,000 which was great going. 

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Here is are my own thoughts about Electric Run Dublin 2014:

The Run:

  • The run was fun, and I actually loved every minute of it from waiting in the cold surrounded by approximately 8,000 people dressed in neon and glow in the dark clothing, hair, makeup and accessories to the part where I ran, walked, jogged, skipped and danced my way along the route under the starry Dublin skies … sure what’s not fun about that!
  • The route was or wasn’t 5k, who cares.
  • The route did have areas that could’ve done with a splash of colour and I would have loved more areas that glowed in the dark but other than that it looked great.
  • The race marshalls were energetic and fun, they really got the crowd going and encouraged everyone to have fun.
  • I won a €25.00 voucher for one of my #electricselfie photos with Electric Run partner Elvery Sports … sweet!
  • I’ll do it again if it comes to Dublin and so too will Patrick and our friend Ethan who both thought it was great craic, with only one wish that it’ll be warmer next time.

The Charity:

  • I knew that Electric Run was a commercial run and not a charity run. You can read my original post on it here where I mention that if you want to run for charity, you need to organise it yourself. I was sure they made it fairly clear too.
  • I’m confused about the reduced €20.00 tickets that were available as I didn’t hear or know anything about them. Unfortunately I didn’t organise to raise money for my own charity of choice so I definitely would’ve bought this reduced rate ticket if it encouraged me to raise money for charity. I also can’t understand why only 88 people got involved with the charity ticket as us Irish are a genorous lot so I think most didn’t know about it either
  • When I heard that the sponsored charity was The Irish Cancer Society, I did think a percentage was going to go to the charity, was disappointed that it wasn’t, felt they should’ve made it clearer, happy that The Irish Cancer Society got some publicity from it, but over all didn’t let the outcome have an effect on my experience of the night.

My Photo’s – click to zoom …

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  1. Great run to do but I’m on the same page as yourself and would be very disappointed if the charity didn’t get there cut. Do we really know where the money collected for charity really goes, NO and there is one thing I have learnt in 2014 Charity means business and that has really got to me. Great site Edwina.