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Top Knitwear from the High Street


Oh baby it’s cold out there … and this bad weather isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. So it looks like we’ll be wrapping up for a few more weeks at least! If you didn’t find that special cardigan or jumper in the January Sales and that gift voucher or paycheck is burning a hole in your pocket, then check out the New Arrivals in your favourite stores. I’ve chosen my top picks in knitwear for Men and Women from the High Street … let me know what you think!



High Street Knitwear for Men

High Street Knitwear – Men by dlifeofstuff featuring navy blue tops

Navy blue top
€72 –

Zara Jacquard Cardigan
€60 –

TOPMAN Cream Bug Printed Jumper
€41 –

Charcoal Grey Knitted Button Front Hoodie
€36 –

Multicolour cardigan – JAYJAY by Ted Baker
€120 –

Vanishing Elephant „Baker Gould“ Cable Knit
£120.00 –



High Street Knitwear for Women

High Street Knitwear – Women by dlifeofstuff featuring topshop

€63 –

€57 –

€60 –

€29.95 –

Cameo print sweater ABBIA
€120 –

Urban Outfitters – Staring At Stars New Stripe Cardigan
€72 –

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