Fashion Fix – Post Holiday – Extra Pounds

Fashion fixes for Post Holiday Extra Pounds


Going on holiday and eating two course lunches every day when you normally have a sandwich and eating four and five course dinners when you’d normally throw on a quick bite to eat most evenings after a long day can take its toll on you and result in those unwanted post holiday pounds. I read recently that the average person can gain up to and over 8 pounds which can take a month or more to loose. That is unless you work out while on holiday. I didn’t work out before I went on holiday so the chances of me doing it on holiday were, well, zilch. You need to find focus and determination. I’ve been looking for them for a while but haven’t found them. I’ve also been seeking motivation but have only found it on youtube as a leotard clad hyper maniac … you know the one I speak of, he goes by Mr.

Anyhoo rant aside it should be pretty clear now why this weeks Fashion Fix is about hiding those extra few pounds. The outfits I’ve put together should do that. Think of them as a temporary solution until you find Mr Focus and Miss Determination or until Mr Motivator finds you.



The outfits I chose are all dresses. The reason for this is to show the different styles that help hide your tummy. The first one is a wrap dress, it is also printed, which makes for a great combination. The second is again a print dress but it also has the petulum feature which can make for a nice little distraction. The third has both an optical feature and ruching at the midriff which again makes for a great combination when making an effort to hide that tum tum. Of course there are other ways to camouflage. I’m a jeans sort of gal both of the skinny and flared variety. The ticket is to wear a looser fitting top with skinnies and a more figure hugging top with flares. These tops should have some sort of structure to them and not just be a baggy t-shirt or a skin tight vest. Its also important to remember that wearing a fitted outfit that fits you will always look so much better than one that is too big with no shape. Curves are good so treat them right.


Fashion Fix - Hide that Tummy ladies

Fashion Fix – Hide that Tummy

A Wear floral dress
€40 –

A-Wear Digital Floral Print Frankie Wrap
€65 –

Adrianna Papell Polka Dress Black
€135 –

Periera Peep-toe shoes
€99 –

J by Jasper Conran Designer black high striped satin court shoes
€101 –

Office On Top black shoes
€75 –




When it comes to you fella’s hiding your post holiday pouch, the same can easily apply. Printed shirts and t-shirts can look really well but stay away from horizontal stripes. You can see the how the pattern of the first shirt could hide a multitude of sins. Check shirts can always work but wearing the right type and colour of check helps and a good fit is important. Colour blocking can also help disguise a more rounded torso when it comes to shirts and t-shirts. A plain or printed t-shirt can also work – however it needs to be a good fit, not too tight and not too baggy. I’ve added the fitted jeans because it really does make a difference to a man’s shape. Wearing a belt that matches what you are wearing can also deflect from that tummy. I added the boots just because I really like them.

Fashion Fix - Hide that Tummy Men

Fashion Fix – Hide that Tummy

Zara Blue Printed Poplin Shirt
€45 –

Superdry Lumberjack Twill Shirt
€67 –

Villain ‘boston’ T-Shirt
€48 –

Loake Wide fit brown ‘Wharfdale’ high top brogues
€297 –

Paul Costelloe Tan stitched belt Brown
€45 –

501 Original Fit Jeans

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