Fashion Fix – Swimwear 2013

Swimwear 2013



I posted the above picture earlier this week on my Facebook page. It got a pretty good reaction because it’s pretty funny. For most of us we’re not in ‘Bikini Season’ yet but it’s ebbing closer and so will the waves … bring it on! With the Summer holiday season comes swimwear so this week’s fashion fix focuses on some of the swimwear pieces I’ve spotted online and which I can picture myself or my beau wearing (not to confuse you I pictured him wearing the menswear items). It was quite easy to find swimwear that I liked for myself, as in womenswear and I could have added lots more. However, when it came to finding swimwear that I liked for men or which I imagined my fine gentleman wearing, I found it quite difficult as a lot of the swim shorts tended to look very underwear-ish and I’m not a fan of trunks (those ickle speedo’s aren’t really my taste) for swimwear. As per usual all items are available to buy in Ireland or can be shipped here. I would love to hear your thoughts or see your favourites … so leave a comment, post a picture or do both!


Women - Swimwear

Swimwear 2013 

Topshop tiger bikini
€49 –

€61 –

€59 –

Triangle bikini
€24 –

South Beach lace swimwear
€15.76  –

Pacha leopard bikini
€19 –

River Island halter bikini
€18 –

Pacha leopard print swimwear
€14 –

River Island bikini swimwear
€12 –

Sweet Love Bikini – By Perfect Tan Bikini


Men - Swimwear
Swimwear 2013 

Swim Shorts With Star Print
€26 –

Camouflage And Spot Swim Shorts
€26 –

Blue rope print swim shorts
€26 –

Caravan print swim shorts – ORTIS
€71 –

Long Boardies Loose Fish – Surfwear range
€28.83 –

Buy Navy Hawaiian Print Swim Short
€26 –

Scent Torquay – Surfwear range
€24.02 –

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  1. Love the sweet love. Looks like good support in bra top. Think the little red swimsuit with skirt is cute. Ideal post baby.

  2. Hi Louisa … Yeh the Sweet Love one is really cute and I’m loving the little skirts on the bikini bottoms and swimsuits too. I think that for a post baby figure the high-waisted bikini briefs which will be all the rage this summer could be a great option! Check out these ones from Asos 🙂