Five Things to do this January 2016 in Dublin

Things to do this January 2016 in Dublin

You might think I’m a tad late giving you my low-down on things to do this January 2016 considering it’s more than half way through the month already … but there is method to my madness … stay with me a moment …

Most people are broke in January. Whether you fall under the category of those who went christmas shopping crazy or those who went crazy party hopping, bills need to be paid and if you’re not paid until the end of the month, January can be pretty quiet.

Most people make resolutions at the beginning of January and break them a couple of weeks later. In fact studies have apparently shown that the majority of those who make resolutions break them on January 17th, otherwise know as ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day’.  

So if we are nearing the dates of clearing off bills, pay-day and you’ve broken your resolution already then why not celebrate with ‘Five Things to do this January 2016 in Dublin’ …

Five Things to do this January 2016 in Dublin


Go Foodie Food Shopping

Location: Various (see below for my top picks)

Date: When you’re not hungry

Visit: Various websites (linked below)

Do I consider myself a foodie, I suppose I do. Do I like going foodie food shopping, I bloody love it!

Locations vary but my top picks in Dublin are: Fallon & Byrne, Listons, Temple Bar Food Market, The Green Door Market, Honest 2 Goodness Market, Dublin Food Co-op, Lotts & Co. and finally wherever you see a Farmer’s Market.

Five Things to do this January 2016 in Dublin


Go to the Cinema

Location: Screen Cinema, 2 D’Olier Street, Dublin 2

Date: As soon as you can


Rumours circulated late last year that our beloved Screen Cinema may soon be no more. Don’t do what I did back in August 2003 when I decided that I’ll definitely go to next weeks Rocky Horror Show screening (renowned for 20 years) at the Classic Cinema in Harold’s Cross only to not bother and then realise it had closed its doors forever and I’d missed my chance.

Five Things to do this January 2016 in Dublin

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Dine on a Multi-Generational Menu

Location: Citron Restaurant, Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin, Dublin 2

Date: January/ February 2016


I’ve actually been invited to experience this new menu for myself and I can’t wait because it sounds so wacky that it might just be genius Head Chef Philip Mahon!

Have you ever tried spam? No, me neither, and I never guessed that one day I’d be eating it in the restaurant of one Dublin’s top Five Star hotels. Other dishes that have caught my eye are the Crispy Pancake, Chicken Vol-Au-Vent and Macaroni & Cheese … am I showing my age that I remember these the first time round?!

At €60 for two people dining with complimentary car parking, not only will you get to dine on creative dishes ‘that were once Michelin star-worthy, dishes that were seen at every family gathering and dishes that emerged as experiments’ but you will get to do it in style, plus you won’t need to max that card out doing it! For more visit this webpage.

Five Things to do this January 2016 in Dublin

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The Attraction of Opposites: Bronze & Porcelain

Location: Solomon Fine Art, Balfe Street, Dublin 2

Date: 15 January – 6 February 2016

Visit: /

“This is Vivienne Foley’s first solo exhibition in Ireland for over ten years and will include her signature hand thrown, classical and abstract porcelain vessels, as well as a new series of elegantly modelled bronze sculpture … Vivienne Foley, who is now based in London, is internationally recognised as one of the finest artists working in porcelain. She has had exhibitions at the V&A London, the National Museum of Ireland and her work can be found in The White House, the Swedish Royal Household, the Ulster Museum and the National Museum of Ireland, as well as embassies, hotels and corporate headquarters worldwide.” (

Five Things to do this January 2016 in Dublin


Go on an Alphabetical Pub Crawl Ramble

Location: Various (see my example below)

Date: Whenever you break your resolution (January 2016)

Three weeks was enough … Who needs Dry January anyway!

First, find a partner (or partners) in crime, a loved one, a friend, not a colleague (never a good idea). Next, decide what letter from the Alphabet you would both like to choose. Then, make a list of the pubs you know that begin with that letter. Finally work your way through your list, enjoying a drink in each of the pubs until you reach the end… it may be one, it may be ten, it may not be any. That’s the chance you take.

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