Happy Christmas 2020 from The Life of Stuff

Happy Christmas 2020!

I don’t usually generalise, and I try not to make presumptions but I’m throwing this out there, that I bet, like me, you’re looking forward to getting stuck into Christmas Day and then seeing the rear end of 2020. It has dear readers been a strange one. It has been a hurtful year, a lonely year, a year filled with anxiety and worry. A year lost to doing everything but nothing at the same time. A year missing our family, our friends, ourselves. A year of washing and sanitising, of mask wearing, did I mention anxiety and worry?

Happy Christmas 2020 from The Life of Stuff - Christmas Train

But every cloud has a silver lining, and I hope that through this year you found yourself again. That for every passing of a loved one, you heard of a beautiful birth. That being locked at home, freed you from the humdrum of keeping up with the pressures society can bring if you let it. That you found an easier way of living, and renewed pride of house and home, and realised you love being in your garden, elbow deep in soil and flowers and butterflies and the buzzing of the bees. And that, that notion of knowing what really matters, and who really matters has remained with you, and hasn’t escaped back into the rat race.

Happy Christmas 2020 from The Life of Stuff - Christmas Village

This Christmas 2020, take a few minutes to yourself, find a quiet spot at the end of the garden, in the shed, or perched on the side of your bed, and tell yourself something. Tell yourself you did it. You’ve gotten through it, so far, and you can keep on going. Be hopeful for what 2021 brings and be ready to throw it back if you don’t want it.

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Happy Christmas 2020 to you and yours.

Edwina x

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