Happy New Year 2016 from The Life of Stuff

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016 from The Life of Stuff Blog

A huge virtual hug and massive thank you to all of you who read and follow The Life of Stuff … you are amazing and you deserve an amazing year ahead!

2015 will probably be impossible to top as a year for me, actually for us (Patrick and I). 

There were lots of firsts … I experienced becoming a mother, and we became parent’s for the first time to the most amazing little person, our son Smith, in March. I said back then, all those months ago that becoming a mother won’t change me as a blogger but it has changed my life and for the better in ways only a loving parent can understand. Our little son brings us so much happiness every second of every minute of every hour of every day (well minus the times he won’t sleep when he should, pee’s on us when we’re changing him, uses his cheetah like speed to whip spoons of food from us when we’re feeding him … but even then he makes us laugh, he’s got this beautiful wide smile I hope we can nourish and a cheeky sparkle in his eyes I hope he never looses).

Patrick, Smith and I went on our first foreign holiday as a family – Smith was a rock star on the flights and throughout the whole holiday. It meant so much for Patrick and I because we love to travel and we want to show Smith the world (let’s see how the next trip goes … teething and all!)

We were also lucky enough to buy our first home, a place our son can call home and a security we are blessed to be able to offer him.

In between, 2015 was filled with some fantastic experiences filled with food and drink, travel, places and luxury stays, music, gigs and cultural adventure, beauty and fashion … and I shared lots if not most of those experiences with you here on The Life of Stuff … that’s all 9,000+ of you who follow The Life of Stuff on Social Media and the hundreds of amazing readers who have subscribed to the The Life of Stuff Newsletter (you all helped with the 100,000+ page views The Life of Stuff received over the year).

2016 is already looking to be an exciting year and I can’t wait to share my little adventures and life experiences with you here … and although I have said that it will be hard to top 2015 … I also believe that … The Best is Yet to Come!

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