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About Me: Edwina – Creator & Chief Editor

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I’m a lover of stuff but I’m not a hoarder – Music, Culture, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Food, Drink, Learning, Understanding … the list goes on … I’m a lover of life!

I was born in Dublin and lived there until I was two years old. My parents bought a business in Athy Co. Kildare so that’s where we moved. And that’s where I spent my childhood years.

I left Athy at the age of seventeen to study in Belfast, and graduated four years later with an Honours Degree.

Shortly after that, after a brief stint in Dublin, I packed my bags and moved to South Korea at the age of 22.  Here I taught English and caught the travelling bug.

A year and a half later I moved to Dublin where the plan was to work and save to travel again. What wasn’t in the plan was to fall in love but I did, and to Patrick.

Patrick and I quickly became inseparable. We both lived and worked in Dublin and my passion for travel rubbed off on him. Resulting in us both travelling the world together.

Three months were spent travelling around South East Asia, almost a year was spent travelling the world. From India to South America – backpacking, and flash-packing AND work free!

Summer holidays were spent travelling somewhere new and long weekend flights were booked when possible.

In 2010 we got our little dog Charlie. Then during a visit to Paris in February 2011, after we had dined in the Eiffel Tower, Patrick officially asked me to marry him. I said yes.

I studied more, worked hard, played hard and set up this website and blog that happily celebrates life, Ireland and the world in August 2012!

July 2013 saw me marry Patrick (my best friend) on our 10 year anniversary.  On possibly the sunniest day Ireland has seen in years.

Having seen the world together we decided to combine all that we loved and went on an amazing road-trip honeymoon around the South of France for two weeks.

In March 2015 I gave birth to the most amazing little boy and we named him Smith (my maiden name).

That November we bought our first home, back in the town I spent my own childhood in, Athy. Isn’t life full of surprises!

Would my 17 year old self believe that 33 countries and 20 years later I’d be back in the town I grew up in?

Mid April 2017, we gifted Smith with the best gift possible, a beautiful baby brother, whom we named Cassidy.

Life isn’t just GOOD, Life is GREAT, and the adventure keeps on going!

But where there’s life, there’s death and the circle of life can be cruel. For us it was the death of my Dad in October 2018. But we knew he was in good hands up in the stars with Patrick’s Dad and our grandparents.

And so, over my years I have graduated from college. Whoop! I’ve completed courses, some for knowledge and understanding. Others for fun.

I have studied and been tested, but I have also studied and tested. I have achieved and failed.

I’ve worked harder and played hardest.

I have travelled to the four corners of the world, and have seen the most wondrous sights and sites. I’ve met the most amazing people and still do. Most of which I can call my friends.

I have danced and still dance. Sung and still sing. I eat, drink and I get merry. I love, I have fun and I love to have fun.

Truly in love with this adventure called life.

I enjoy it every day with help from my hubby Patrick, our beautiful sons Smith and Cassidy (the best adventure by a long shot), our family, our friends and up until October 2021, our dog Charlie, whom I miss every single day.

What’s this website and blog about? It’s about The Life of Stuff, the stuff of my life, my (and my family’s) adventures, my interests and bits from my everyday life.

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Patrick – Drinks Writer

Patrick writes the ‘Bevvy of the Week’ recommendations here on The Life of Stuff. With over 17 years work experience in the ‘Wines, Beers and Spirits Industry’ in Ireland, Patrick also has a WSET Level 3 Award in Wines from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in Ireland, and many more years experience as a hobby. So he certainly is the right man for the job!

His ‘Bevvy of the Week‘ recommendations vary, but fall into the Wines, Beers and Spirits categories. Patrick is a big supporter of Irish breweries and distilleries but is also passionate about international wines and spirits. Be sure to keep an eye out for his cocktail recipes, and his food pairing suggestions too.

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