Travel Tips for Argentina

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to travel a lot. I have fond memories of a lot of the destinations I have visited, but one of the most special places was Argentina. So, today, I thought I would share a few travel tips with you all as a way of encouraging you to consider going there, someday.

Argentina Travel Tips - Quick Tips to Know Before you Go - Travel Insurance

1 – Buy the Right Travel insurance

Argentina is a pretty safe place. The crime rate is low, although like in a lot of places street crime is an issue in some of the bigger cities. It has a pretty good health care network too. But, it is expensive. So, you really need a good travel insurance policy. You can easily buy Argentina medical insurance from UHCSafetrip as well as other large providers.

When you do so, take the time to check that any pre-existing conditions are covered. Make sure that the excess is not too high and that expenses like repatriation are included in the policy.

If you are the adventurous type, be sure to double check that all of the activities you want to do are also included. This is particularly important if you are planning on visiting somewhere like Mendoza where you can enjoy lots of high adrenaline adventures like white water rafting, zip lining and rock climbing. Don’t let your experiences be limited because you have bought the wrong travel insurance.

Argentina Travel Tips - Quick Tips to Know Before you Go - Travel Bloggers

2 – Use Travel Bloggers to get Up to Date Information

To plan what you are going to do there go online and read a few articles that have been written by Travel Bloggers. Check out the photos to make sure that they have actually been there. Usually, this means that the information they provide is up to date and honest.

Argentina Travel Tips - Quick Tips to Know Before you Go - Loose Change

3 – Always Carry Loose Change

If you are planning to use buses to get around you will need to pay the fare with coins. You will also need change for tipping. And when buying little items in shops it is usually best not to pay with big notes. It can be difficult to get change back from large notes.

Not everywhere takes credit cards, even in big cities. So, you should always carry a little cash with you.

Argentina Travel Tips - Quick Tips to Know Before you Go - Iguasu Bus

4 – Travel by Bus Not Train

If you want to explore more of the country, you can do so by flying. For example if you plan on visiting the stunning Iguazú Falls you can fly into Cataratas del Iguazú in the Misiones Province. Although that can be expensive if you’re sticking to a travel budget.

So if you are working within a budget, buses and trains are a more viable option. In actual fact, in most parts of Argentina, buses are more reliable than trains.

Argentina Travel Tips - Quick Tips to Know Before you Go - La Boca

5 – Include Buenos Aires in your Itinerary

Argentina has something to offer everyone. The people are very friendly and welcoming, so they always make you feel at home.

But, there is one place you really must visit and that is Buenos Aires. It is a vibrant colourful city that has to be experienced, especially the neighbourhood of La Boca.

Argentina Travel Tips - Quick Tips to Know Before you Go - Cordoba

6 – The Rolling Hills of Cordoba

The province of Cordoba is one of the most scenic in the country. Visit the city of Cordoba too and use it as your base from which to travel to and experience the stunning Agua de Oro.

Argentina Travel Tips - Quick Tips to Know Before you Go - Mar del Plata

7 – Visit the Coast

Don’t miss the chance to visit some of Argentina’s coast towns and cities. One of the best is Mar del Plata. It is a big place with a very long beach and lovely countryside to explore. There is always something going on in this city. Concerts, plays as well as national and international events, it really is a vibrant place.

Argentina Travel Tips - Quick Tips to Know Before you Go - Patagonia

8 – Patagonia

The area of Patagonia with its imposing mountains, indigenous peoples and colonial charm is another good destination. Salta city is a good place from which to explore the area.


As you can see, you will be spoilt for choice. Argentina is a big country with an eclectic culture and a warm welcome. I have been lucky enough to travel there extensively and am looking forward to telling you more, in the future.


Written by Mary Joy. Mary is a Filipino Travel Blogger based in Manchester. She shares her travel experiences as a solo traveller on different travel sites to inspire her readers’ inner wanderlust. She enjoys capturing every special moment with her camera and immortalise it with it. Her main interests when exploring the world are the artistic heritage of the place and cuisine. 


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