Beauty Fix – The new ARTISTRY Hydra-V Skincare Range

ARTISTRY Hydra-V Skincare Range – Reviewed

Followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram know I attended the Artistry Hydration Tour in the Morrison Hotel a little over a month ago because I happily shared some snaps of the event …

The new ARTISTRY Hydra-V™ skincare range is a scientific breakthrough in skin hydration, inspired by a Nobel-Prize-winning discovery in technology by Dr. Peter Agre on the function of biological water channels called aquaporins, which work like irrigation to transport water across all cell membranes.

The tour was a talk that detailed everything you need to know and should know about skin hydration, and of course featured the Hydra-V Skincare range. I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge I had about skincare, seeing as it isn’t my profession. Then again as a woman in her mid-thirties I suppose all my skincare readings over the years were bound to sink in. After the talk, we got the opportunity to mingle with the Artistry Team, this was the highlight of the event for me as it was a chance to talk about the product on a one to one basis. 

As a thank you for joining the Artistry Team ‘back stage’ so to speak, I gratefully received the Hydra-V Skincare Range to try, test and bring you the review you are reading here today. The skincare range is available for ‘All Skin Types’. 

Without moisture skin looks dull and lifeless. All skin types can be dehydrated, but as it’s less visible than wrinkles it can often be difficult to spot the signs. Dehydrated skin occurs when the skin’s outer layer lacks water, and can be caused by any number of factors from the use of certain medication to stress, lifestyle and fatigue. Keeping skin hydrated goes far beyond just using a moisturiser.

It didn’t take over a month for me to try and test the Hydra-V range. I simply didn’t start using it until a week ago because I wanted to wait for the right time in my busy life (holiday, moving house, teething baby) but it was the daftest thing to do. Wait that is, because it’s at these busy times that we need to look after ourselves both inside and out and the way to do that is through hydration, hydration, hydration. Water for the body, food for the mind and I’m happy to say Hydra-V for the skin.

The new Artistry Hydra-V range sources some of the rarest ingredients from the untouched corners of the world. Hydra-V contains innovative formulas using pure Norwegian fjord water, nutrient-rich Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals and moisture locking Hawaiian Acai, combined with cutting-edge research and has been developed specifically with hydration in mind.

The New ARTISTRY Hydra-V Skincare Range consists of a Hydra-V Power System that includes everything you need to cleanse, tone and moisturise your once tired and dull looking skin to skin that is refreshed, replenished and revitalised. There are two steps to prepare your skin for the Power System which is to cleanse and tone, and three steps to the perfect Hydra-V Moisturising Power System. The Artistry Team call it the Prep, Infuse and Hydrate phases.

Beauty Fix - The new ARTISTRY Hydra-V Skincare Range

Preparing your Skin: Two Steps – Cleanse and Tone

As cleansing your skin both morning and evening is a must for a fresh and clean-looking complexion … and as it prepares your skin for moisturising, it’s important to do it right.

Step One: Artistry have made it easy with their Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser (€26.00), which contains an ‘exclusive formula to remove excess oil, make-up and environmental debris, leaving your skin looking healthy‘ – the cleanser smells divine and so fresh. You don’t get a lather but one isn’t needed. Available in a 125ml tube when you only need to use an amount the size of an almond means that it’ll go a long way too. My skin didn’t feel tight afterwards like it can from some cleansers but it did feel squeaky clean.

Beauty Fix - The new ARTISTRY Hydra-V Skincare Range

Step Two: To tone or not to tone. Some don’t bother with this step in their skincare routine. Personally I tone every morning and night. In the morning I like the fresh feeling it gives my skin and at night I use it to take off the last traces of makeup. The Hydra-V Fresh Toner which comes in a 200ml bottle (€26.00) is an alcohol-free toner that did all of the above, like the cleanser it smelt gorgeous and it left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed.