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Weightless Liquid Foundation and Stay Naked Correcting Concealer Review

There’s no doubt that we are, as a society becoming more and more aware of the impact our everyday choices have on the world we live in. We are more conscious of where our food is coming from. We know where and how our clothes are made. We’re understanding more clearly the impact our beauty products have on the planet. And because I’m personally on a sustainable living journey that I’m taking step by step, day by day – Urban Decay Stay Naked vegan products fit on my path.

Beauty Fix - Vegan Beauty - Urban Decay Stay Naked - Weightless Liquid Foundation and Correcting Concealer - The Life of Stuff

Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation and Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer were launched in Ireland six months ago. I received both these products as gifts and have been wearing them on the majority of my makeup days for the past three months. Perfectly sufficient time for me to give you my opinion on how they work for me.

Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation (RRP €36)

Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation is vegan friendly. Which basically means its cruelty free, and doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products. Urban Decay have formulated the foundation to feel like a second skin, rather than cover and hide the skin you’re in. And for that reason it comes in 50 shades. Meaning you have the opportunity to find your exact match. Add to these benefits it’s ‘real-skin matte’ ‘breathable’ and long-lasting waterproof formula and you might just be onto your new favourite foundation.

Beauty Fix - Vegan Beauty - Urban Decay Stay Naked - Weightless Liquid Foundation

My Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation Experience

If you can get to your local Urban Decay beauty counter, and talk with their in-store Beauty Artist, all the better. But if you can’t, and think trying to find your exact match from a range of 50 shades will be a problem, and online. Trust me it’s really a cinch. I chose my selections online and they match perfectly – 20NN for the foundation, 20CP for the concealer.

For reference the 50 shades are broken down into nine shade intensities, three mastertones, and seven undertones. And to make life easy Urban Decay have an ‘Try it On’ online shade finder to help you.

The images below, courtesy of Urban Decay, will give you an idea of how it works. Note the cool, neutral, or warm mastertones. And from there the undertones: pink (rosy), green (olive), blue (plum), neutral, yellow (golden), orange (peachy), and red (rich).


I apply the foundation with a brush. Although I do know that there is a ‘Build + Blend Sponge’ available that’s supposed to work a treat. Perhaps I’ll try it sometime. The foundation is light, in density, blends well and is easy to build upon. I have combination skin and I found it worked well with it, but moisturising before applying is a must for me – especially around the areas of my face that tend to be dry. My thoughts are that it’s a great everyday foundation, especially when combined with the Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer. Every last drop of this foundation will be enjoyed. However it won’t replace my favourite foundation, my go to since 2013!

Beauty Fix - Vegan Beauty - Urban Decay Stay Naked - Weightless Liquid Foundation and Correcting Concealer


Stay Naked Correcting Concealer (RRP €24)

Just like it’s big sister, Stay Naked Correcting Concealer is vegan, breathable, long-lasting, waterproof and comes in a fantastic range of 25 shades! Factor in the shade intensities, mastertones and undertones and you’ve got yourself an exact match. Promising less of that caked on feel and more of that I’m covered confidence. Urban Decay have actually packed 25% more pigment into this Stay Naked Correcting Concealer. This means not only can you use it as a concealer but it works as a highlighter too. When it comes to applying, the applicator tip has been designed with you and your face in mind. The applicator is doe-footed, ‘curvier than ever’ and has dual purposes. Either use the flat side for precise or light application. Or use the curvier side for more product and extra coverage.

Beauty Fix - Vegan Beauty - Urban Decay Stay Naked - Correcting Concealer

My Stay Naked Correcting Concealer Experience

I really enjoy using this concealer. The applicator design works really well, allowing me to apply as little or as much as I like. Although a little does go a long way. I’ve used it as a concealer but mostly as a highlighter. It blends really well, no face cake! And I found it long lasting. Importantly not only is the shade the perfect match for the Stay Naked foundation I use along with it, but it’s an ideal match for my skin. And so it can be worn with or without the Stay Naked foundation or indeed my aforementioned go to foundation. For me this concealer is definitely a keeper.


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