Best Beauty Buy in a While – Inglot Matt Lipstick & Lipliner FM

Inglot Lipstick in Colour 412 and Lipliner FM in 857

I bought the Inglot Lipstick and Lipliner five months ago in August 2015. Why so late to review? Well, I’ve given it a good going over to bring you my honest review, just like I do with all my reviews here on the blog.

Best Beauty Buy in a While - Inglot Matt Lipstick & Lipliner FM

The Polish brand Inglot is huge in the Cosmetic Industry especially here in Ireland where it has branches in most of the major cities around the island if Ireland … Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Belfast.

Created over 30 years ago by the late Wojciech Inglot who sadly passed away in 2013, the global enterprise has over 470 retail outlets in 53 countries across 6 continents and is ‘fast becoming the world’s leading cosmetics and makeup brand, with its unique blend of vibrant and gorgeous colours’ (

Best Beauty Buy in a While - Inglot Matt Lipstick & Lipliner FM

Boasting over 200 shades of eye shadow, 200 nail polish colours and 150 lipstick shades you’re bound to find a shade to match your taste and with professional Make-up Artists at your fingertips you should get the best advice too.

Already a fan of Inglot, (I even wore one of their ‘Lip Paints’ for my wedding back in 2013), I took myself along to the outlet in the Jervis Shopping Centre last year for a little retail therapy. Not to sound too much like Dougal from Fr. Ted but I remember the occasion well because I was wearing my new burgundy coloured floppy hat. I’m mentioning the hat because its colour was the inspiration behind my choice of lip colour.

Best Beauty Buy in a While - Inglot Matt Lipstick & Lipliner FM

I was after a dark burgundy colour lipstick and lipliner, one to match my hat, kinda. I opted for the Inglot Lipstick colour in matt 412 (€15.00) and the Inglot Lipliner FM in colour 847 (€15.00).

I have to admit to the horror of many MUA’s who might be reading this that I rarely wear lipliner. I know big full lips are all the rage with some fans going so far as to using gadgets to balloon their peckers for the desired effect … but with naturally full lips (lucky me) I’ve been quite happy most my life with the addition of lipstick, gloss or balm and nothing else. This might change as I get older as your lips do naturally thin but if and when they do, I’ll worry about them then.

So why lipliner now? Well I decided that as I was going to purchase quite a dark colour I should really give it the best chance of staying put on my lips. My idea was that I’d use the lipliner to perfect the curve of my lips, fill them in and then add the lipstick on top, a pretty normal technique.

Although the advisor who served me that day was really lovely, helpful, knowledgable and patient, I really didn’t like the way she painted my lips. She went for the aforementioned fuller than full look, which I suppose might look great from a distance, but really isn’t the most becoming up close. I felt a little more Marilyn Manson that Marilyn Monroe. However with saying that the colour was perfect.

Best Beauty Buy in a While - Inglot Matt Lipstick & Lipliner FM

Matt lipstick will highlight any dryness you may have so its important that your lips are soft and crack free. Simple lip care including moisturising, drinking lots of water and a light scrub of a toothbrush normally does the trick.

Best Beauty Buy in a While - Inglot Matt Lipstick & Lipliner FM

The Inglot matt lipstick was easy to apply and wasn’t drying like some matt lipsticks can tend to be. The lipliner had a great point, wasn’t too soft but went on creamy and blended really well especially with the built in lip brush. The little sharpener that comes in the box is also a great feature.