MAC Eye Shadow x 15: Cool Neutral

This blog post could simply read this, “MAC Eye Shadow x 15: Cool Neutral – I love you” … but it wouldn’t do that to you.

 Best Beauty Buy - MAC Eye Shadow x 15: Cool Neutral

I received this palette as a Mother’s Day gift from my new-born son, Smith back in March. He was born on the 10th and Mother’s Day fell on the 15th, so even at a meer five days old, the kid got class. On a serious note though, it was purchased by Smith’s Dad, my hubby Patrick and to say I was pleased with my gift and impressed with his choice is an understatement. He knew the names of some of my favourite make-up brands, took himself along to Brown Thomas, choose one hell of an eye shadow palette and then did what all good hubbies do … he kept the receipt so I could get my points added. 

Best Beauty Buy - MAC Eye Shadow x 15: Cool Neutral

I don’t have a tutorial and frankly there really is no need for one. This palette is fantastic. 15 gorgeous cool neutral shades that can bring you from night to day. The shades can be used dry or wet and there is a combination of textures from matte to glittering. Perfect whatever look you go for from the ‘no make-up’ look to the smokey eye look. 

Best Beauty Buy - MAC Eye Shadow x 15 Cool Neutral

Since I got my delighted little hands on it, I have used every colour and wear it most days I wear make-up. The eye shadow is long-lasting and is the quality you expect from MAC. A few of the shades can be bought separately or can be found in other palettes but most are exclusive to this palette. It’s a total recommendation if you are a Make Up Artist or if you are just like me and like to wear make up.


There are other palettes available including the Warm Neutral. It is by chance, I suppose that Patrick chose the Cool Neutral and that the eye shadow shades are all the colours that I love and that suit me. If you aren’t too sure about whether you have a cool or warm skin tone, here’s a handy article that will help you decide. I seem to be a mixture of both at times!

Best Beauty Buy - MAC Eye Shadow x 15: Cool Neutral

With 15 eye shadows included and all in shades you most likely will wear, this palette is great value at €75 … and I’ll say it again “MAC Eye Shadow x 15: Cool Neutral – I love you” 

For more information and lots of reviews – check out the MAC website here

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