Best Beauty Buy in a While – Urban Decay Perversion

Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil – Perversion


Urban Decay 24:7 Glide-On Eye Pencil - Perversion

I haven’t blogged a best beauty makeup buy in a while and the last time I did it was all about my favourite product for creating the perfect flick / cat’s eye look. You can read about that here. This time though it’s all about the smokey eye effect and the best eyeliner I’ve used to create this effect so far is Urban Decay’s Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion (approx €15) … and yes the 24/7 Pencil might be old news for some but ‘Perversion’ is pretty new so … for those interested please read on …

When they describe it as a glide on pencil they mean it! It really does glide on! Which is good for creating a flick but my problem with using it to create my flick style is that the nib is quiet soft so I find that I have to sharpen it a lot to get a point (I use the Urban Decay Grind House double barrel sharpener which cost approx €5.00) … and all that sharpening means that your pencil will be no more in no time so I prefer to use it when I’m creating a smokey eye effect. I glide the pencil over my top lids right to the eyelashes and then use the Urban Decay Blending Brush (approx €15) to blend and smudge the pencil to create the look. I also glide the pencil right to my eye on the lower lids and again blend using the brush. There’s obviously more to that to create a smokey eye effect and as there are so many fantastic tutorials online I’ve decided to borrow one (it’s great!) to show you exactly how to do it! See below ↓

I do however have a couple of issues with the pencil … one is that you do need to sharpen it quite a bit as it is quite soft but it probably wouldn’t glide as well if it wasn’t so that probably can’t be helped. My bigger issue is that I didn’t find the pencil altogether waterproof. It was fine on my top lids but I found that around the corners of my eyes … if my eyes watered a little due to sunshine or I was faced with a windy day, then the eyeliner did smudge and not in a good way.

So will I buy Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion again? Will it be joining the other favourites in my makeup bag? I really love its glide, perversion is fantastically black, it works a treat for the flick effect but more so for the smokey eye effect but I think I’d like to test some more products before I buy it again.

So have you perfected the smokey eye effect? As mentioned above I’ve borrowed a great tutorial that shows you step by step on how to achieve it. I sourced it from who in turn sourced it from! And there might lie my next beauty blog post!

Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Don’t Forget ↓

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