Aspall Premier Cru Cyder

Bevvy of the Week - Aspall Premier Cru Cyder

My love for cider started on a hot summers day nearly 12 years ago in a bar overlooking the beach. 12 years on and I’m still drinking cider and really enjoying all the new ones coming onto the market along with the ones that have been around for a while.

Aspall Premier Cru Cyder is one of those that have been around for some time. It is made in Suffolk England and doesn’t disappoint. This is a fresh, full-bodied, dry cider with nice floral aromas. Aspell Premier Cru Cyder isn’t cheap but it is a quality brew.

Aspall comes in a 500ml bottles, is 7% abv and will set you back about €5 in an Off Licence.

Enjoy. Sláinte,


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