Bevvy of the Week – Brewdog Dead Pony Club Pale Ale

Brewdog Dead Pony Club

This week’s ‘Bevvy’, Dead Pony Club from Brewdog, has been selected with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in mind. St. Patrick’s day for most is a day for enjoying a few beers and with the Grand Slam up for the taking too it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to a beer of choice for the day. 

Bevvy of the Week - Brewdog Dead Pony Club Pale Ale

That’s why this week’s ‘Bevvy’ is a session pale ale. Session pale ales are lighter in alcohol and are perfect for, well, a session of course. 

Brewdog Dead Pony Club is a 3.8% abv session pale ale. Perfect for the weekend ahead. It’s full on hoppy character is backed up with soft tropical flavours. Easy to drink and it doesn’t get over-powering after a few. 
Dead pony comes in a 330ml can and a 330ml bottle and will cost around €3.
Enjoy, Sláinte


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