Clay Station – Old Vine Zinfandel

I tried this red wine a few weeks back and I must say it went down a treat. Clay Station Old Vine Zinfandel is produced in Lodi California. It is produced solely from the Zinfandel grape variety (also known as Primitivo in Italy). 

Bevvy of the Week - Clay Station, Lodi California - Old Vine Zinfandel

A deep rich colour opens up to aromas of dark fruits. Flavours of blackberries, plums and dark cherry are all very present. It rounds off with a lingering spicy finish. 
This is a great wine to pair with steak, spicy meat dishes and even dark chocolate. 
Clay Station Old Vine Zinfandel is 14.5% but you would expect that kind of alcohol content from a Zinfandel. A 750ml bottle will cost around €20.
Enjoy, Sláinte


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