Galway Bay Brewery – Of Foam and Fury

Bevvy of the Week - Galway Bay Brewery, Of Foam and Fury

This week’s Bevvy of the Week is an Irish Craft Beer from the Galway Bay Brewery.

Galway Bay have a fine collection of beers in their range and if you are into your craft beers then you are bound to have tried at least one.

This week I would like to recommend Galway Bay Foam and Fury Double IPA. If you are into your IPA’s then you are in for a treat. DIPA is everything a normal IPA is except double. Double the hops, double the taste, double the alcohol and the Galway Bay DIPA is very tasty indeed.

Tropical fruits, hops and caramel to name a few are the flavours going on and it has a soft bitter finish. There’s so much going on in this brew you have to try it for yourself.

Galway Bay Foam and Fury comes in a 500ml bottle and is 8.5% abv. A bottle will set you back about €5.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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