Jack Cody’s – Duxie Grapefruit Tea Pale Ale

Bevvy of the Week - Jack Cody's Duxie Grapefruit Tea Pale Ale

This week I would like to recommend a pale ale from Drogheda. This pale ale is no normal pale ale it’s Jack Cody’s Duxie Grapefruit Tea Pale Ale.

When I saw this in the shop I just had to give it a go. The label caught my eye first and with further investigation it was revealed that it was a grapefruit tea ale. Sold.

Home I went to give it a go and I wasn’t disappointed. It has a nice hoppy taste with soft flavour of grapefruit. The grapefruit flavour is not overpowering but very present and the tea flavours comes in at the end to finish it off.

Overall I really enjoyed this pale ale and even found it refreshing.

You can pick up a bottle of Jack Cody’s Grapefruit Tea Pale Ale for around €3, it comes in a 500ml bottle and is 5% vol.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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