Licor de Hierbas Ruavieja

This week’s Bevvy of the Week is Licor de Hierbas Ruavieja. And I’m happy to share with you why I recommend this herbal liqueur from Spain.

How did I come across it? Well, Edwina was away in the North of Spain, Cantabria region for a few days and brought back a bottle for me to try. Lucky me!

Bevvy of the Week - Licor de Hierbas Ruavieja

Licor de Hierbas Ruavieja is like the Spanish equivalent to Grappa. The traditional name is Orujo. And like it’s equivalents around Europe and beyond – it’s a brandy made from wine, otherwise known as a pomace brandy.

This Spanish liqueur is very tasty. And it’s perfect tipple to serve after a meal. Best served chilled and drunk from a shot glass.

It’s sweet with soft mint and eucalyptus flavours. Herbal undertones also come through. Mouth filling, it really gets the taste bud going.

Licor de Hierbas Ruavieja is 30% abv and comes in a 70cl bottle. Edwina paid €9.20 for the bottle she bought in Spain so expect to pay no more than double this price if purchasing in the UK or Ireland.

Enjoy, Sláinte,



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