Bevvy of the Week – Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark – Kentucky Straight


Maker's Mark

image: purpleandpatriciate via tumblr

Bourbon, Bourbon, who like’s their Bourbon? Make mine a Maker’s Mark, Kentucky Straight and I’ll be a happy man.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this week I am going to put you onto one of my favourite drinks, and if you are a whiskey drinker and you have not tried Maker’s Mark, it soon will become one of your favourites too. Trust me it’s good, real good.

Maker’s Mark is a medium body whiskey, so it’s not too heavy. It smells great, of vanilla and spice with a hint of lime. When you get into it, flavours of fruit, spice and ginger are all present. The flavours linger for a while with a hint of smoke coming through on the finish.

Yes people, this is a must, and if you have a nice wooden porch to sit out on, a rocking chair and some toe-tapping music as well, all the better! You should be able to pick up a bottle for around €40.

Sláinte, Cheers,


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