Rascal Brewing Co. – Big Hop Red and Yankee White IPA

This week I would like to recommend two Irish craft beers from the Rascals Brewing Co., Big Hop Red and Yankee White IPA.

The Rascals Brewing Company was set up in 2013 by Emma Delvin and Cathal O Donoghue in a brewery based in Rathcoole Co. Dublin. After returning from New Zealand they were on a mission to produce “Bold Irish Beer” and that is a philosophy they stick to.

Bevvy of the Week - Rascals Brewing, Big Hop Red and Yankee White IPA

Big Hop Red – Red Ale 5% abv
This is a nice easy drinking red ale. Citrus flavours with a touch of bitterness.

Yankee White IPA 5% abv
This is an interesting one. Belgian wheat style with IPA hops and it’s tasty stuff. Nice citrus flavour with a touch of spice from the wheat. This is a good well-balanced beer. The hop character is there but is much softer than normal IPA’s.

You can pick Big Hop Red and Yankee White IPA is most good Off Licences and they will set you back about €2.80 for a 330ml can.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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