Bevvy of the Week – Irish Mist Honey

Irish Mist – The Original Honey Liqueur

Irish Mist - The Original Honey Liqueur

Well it’s all about the Honey these day. Jack Daniels Honey, Bushmills Honey and so on and now Irish Mist Honey.

Irish Mist is an Irish Whiskey based liqueur. It is one of the first, if the first liqueur to be produced in Ireland and it seems to have a great rep overseas.

I have tried Irish Mist original a few times and really liked it. You get that lovely warm feeling from the Irish Whiskey along with a mouthful of dark spices and even some coco in there to booth. So when I saw a bottle of Irish Mist Honey I just had to give it a go.

Irish Mist Honey is the same as the original, apart from the honey that is, but it has a soft sweetness to it. All the whiskey and spice flavours are still there and these flavours are not over powered by the honey, in fact the honey seems to bring all the flavours together to give you a really enjoyable drink.

You can buy Irish Mist Honey in all good Off Licences and a bottle will set you back around €35.00.

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  1. Where in Dublin can this be bought. As I’ve rang a few top end whiskey off licences and they don’t stock. Tried at the weekend and have to have a bottle.