Cruising the Shannon on Tranquility with

Cruising the Shannon with 

Tranquility -

When David from got in contact with me a couple of months ago and proposed he write an article for The Life of Stuff about cruising on the River Shannon, I went one better and asked if he’d like me to cruise on the River Shannon and write the article myself. He said yes, I said brilliant and Patrick asked if he was invited … well that went without saying! Sure who else was going to wear the sailor outfit and tie the knots? We thought about inviting friends but both agreed we’d make this trip about the two of us (quality time) and our Shannon experience, deciding that if all goes well we’ll want to rent a boat with family or friends the next time we return.

Dates arranged for a weekend in April, we kept in contact, and David filled me in on what is all about. It’s a small family business based in Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim run by David and his wife Lyn. They have two luxury 33ft cruisers in total, No Fixed Abode and Tranquility, which is pictured above and which will be Patrick’s and my home this weekend coming. We can’t wait.

We’ve only cruised the Shannon once before, for one night only, quite a number of years ago but it was a friend’s boat and he knew what he was doing. We’ve been told that both boats are easy to manoeuver as they have bow thrusters which makes for easy berthing, easy for an inexperienced captain which I’m glad to hear. David said the tank will be full but advised that their boats use 4 litres per hour and cost is €1.60 per litre, which is good to know and something you need to consider if you decide to rent a cruiser yourself as it’s not usually included. Thankfully the locks on the Shannon are all electronically operated so we won’t need to worry about all the winding, pushing and pulling that can be seen on TV with English Canal cruising. Here it’s just a push of a button, sweet! 

Our bedding and towels will be provided for us, and as we’re cruising VIP style this weekend we’ve also received extras like the aforementioned fuel and ‘lock passes’ for the aforementioned locks … so basically all we need to bring is ourselves, clothing … I’m hoping the sun shines but will be prepared with a rain mac, it is Ireland after all … our picnic basket, beverages of an alcoholic nature and my camera. 

David has given us an idea of where we can venture to and what websites to check out for more details, these include Waterways Ireland and Inland Waterways Association of Ireland. It’s going to be a great adventure and the memories created I know will last a lifetime.

Cruiser prices are as per the website , with long weekend prices (3 nights) for No Fixed Abode at €375 and Tranquility at €495 plus diesel.

Be sure to check back for full details of where we got to and how we got on. 

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