Culloden Estate & Spa – Five Star Luxury in Belfast

My Experience in Photo’s

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Culloden Estate & Spa is about a 15 minute drive from Belfast City Centre, yet standing on the slopes of the Holywood Hills it feels like it’s in a world of its own. With stunning views of Belfast Lough and the Antrim coastline and countryside, it’s no wonder it was chosen as the site to build a palace for the Bishops of Down 140 years ago. 

When we arrived from an excursion to the Ulster Museum and Botanic Gardens in Belfast it was overcast and rainy but even so Culloden Estate & Spa felt warmer. In actual fact it was warmer, approximately three degrees warmer! If you’d like to know why you can visit the Culloden Estate & Spa history page here.

Culloden Estate and Spa, Bangor Road, Holywood, Belfast

The entrance to Culloden Estate and Spa is magnificent both inside and out.

Culloden Estate and Spa, Bangor Road, Holywood, Belfast

However before we even checked in, I couldn’t resist taking the steps down from the hotel to look back at it in all its glory.


A beautiful architectural sight to see.

Culloden Estate and Spa, Bangor Road, Holywood, Belfast

Check-in was a breeze and we were warmly welcomed by the concierge on duty (whose name has unfortunately slipped my mind – I’ll update this part later when I find out) who helped us with our luggage and gave us a tour of the hotel and its amenities on our way to our room, the ‘Blackwood Suite’.


Our room was both spacious and luxurious.