Culture Night 2013 – Get a bit of Culture into ya

Culture Night, September 20th, 2013


Culture night 2013

Culture night is back! Thank goodness for that as I think this country needs a bit of culture awakening in the light of all the plights we’ve been dealing with, what with this and that and that and this. Culture night for me is about awakening the senses where ever you may live. It’s about the local sounds and sights and the artistic adventures that are around the corner from you that you forgot to look into or up at or take in and those you love all the time.

For me Culture Night will be spent in Dublin but for you it may be in any of the other 33 counties that it is taking place. Do the calculations and get involved other counties! I have no recommendations as such to give you apart from culture night not being and I quote ‘eating pizza with goats cheese on it’ – it can be this and a whole lot more. It doesn’t have to involve drink for once although the odd sneaky one never goes amiss and it can involve the whole family … culture night not the drinking part … Swiftly moving on … My Culture Night 2012 in Photo’s can be seen by clicking here.

I’d love to hear what your county has in store so get in touch and share the culture 🙂 For more information on Culture Night you can visit the website here … which is even better than last years site … Fair play! … if you have a smartphone then download the app!

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