Dance and Distil at Lillie’s Bordello Laboratory, Dublin

Lillie’s Bordello, 1-2 Adam Court, Grafton Street, Dublin 2

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Now here’s one for your little black book of things to do or should I say things to ‘experience’ for your next evening or night out on the town, whether it be with all the gals, all the boys or just the two of you. Pay a visit to Dublin’s famous Lillie’s Bordello on Grafton Street and experience Ireland’s first Night Club Micro Distillery.

Yes you heard right, leave your craft beer outside for the evening because it’s all about micro distilling from here as Lillie’s Bordello has created a unique experience where you can dance and distil the night away.

Patrick and I headed along to the launch night last month and sampled Lillie’s Bordello’s wares in the shape of their Micro Distilled Bath Tub Gin and Bath Tub Vodka. We were impressed with the smoothness of both but how could you not be impressed when as a Micro Distillery your big sister is Dingle Distillery! We were also impressed with the set-up and that’s why I’m sharing it with you here. A revisit for us is on the cards and here’s why a visit should be on yours …

Dance and Distil at Lillie's Bordello Laboratory, Dublin 2

The idea of having a working Micro Distillery in the middle of a night club would appear to many as an idea from someone with a touch of madness. However there is a fine line between genius and insanity and this idea works effortlessly and is very very clever. From Thursday through to Sunday you can order from Lillie’s Lab whatever freshly distilled and flavoured Bath Tub Gin or Vodka they have concocted and enjoy it on the rocks or in a cocktail … then you can have a dance as you sip away.

However it’s with the group bookings ( €45 per person and min 10 people) that you will experience the most from Lillie’s Lab and here’s why; 

  • When you book the Lillie’s Laboratory Experience you get to distil your own gin or vodka concoction. What this means is that you get to flavour Lillie’s Bath Tub Gin or Bath Tub Vodka whichever way you want using whatever you want – as long as they have it in their many jars you can use it. Think fruits, berries, herbs and if you have something specific in mind then just let them know when booking and the Distiller will source it and have it ready for you.
  • You get to spend a couple of hours with an experienced Distiller who will teach you the art of distilling and who will give you lots of unique samples along the way.
  • Once your Gin or Vodka has been distilled you get to enjoy it by directing your designated Mixologist on how you would like it mixed, creating a couple of bespoke cocktails for each member of the group.
  • Your group gets a gift of one bottle of the bespoke Bath Tub Gin or Vodka that has been created, waxed sealed by hand and labelled with their name – if you are celebrating the night and experience for one member of the group then get their name on the bottle as a memento of the night!
  • As mentioned it includes cocktails for the group but it also includes tasty bites to enjoy too.
  • Finally you get to dance the evening or night away in one Dublin’s most plushest and funkiest establishment’s around … I just love the interior design!

For more information visit the Lillie’s Bordello Website | Facebook | Twitter 

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