A Day Trip to Chic at Kildare Village, Mommy Style

A Day Trip to Chic at Kildare Village Outlet

A Day Trip to Chic at Kildare Village, Mommy Style

Some time ago the lovely people from Kildare Village Outlet got in contact with me about their #DayTripToChic Campaign and asked me if I’d be interested and like to be involved. The message behind their Campaign was simple, they were looking for that special, secret escape from the summer hustle and bustle – mixing food, fashion and art, so it goes without saying that I was all ears and very interested. I had a long think about it and watched their stylishly inspiring video which featured the ever fashionable Irish Blogger Tara Markuki and a host of my favourite spots in Dublin and my home county of Kildare …

I thought about past and present Day Trips to Chic, my favourite creative haunts around Dublin, my day trip excursions to museums, my love for the Dublin and Wicklow mountains, the Irish seaside’s that are available to us a short drive or train ride away. I thought about my hometown of Athy and its picturesque countryside and surrounding villages.

However what was most in my thoughts was the fact that in six or so months I will, along with the help of my gorgeous hubby, be bringing into this world a little person that will be my Food, Fashion and Art loving buddy for as long as he or she will let me be and it’s this thought that inspired me to write this blog and realise where my secret escape is now and will be.

You see the reoccuring question that popped its head up over and over again, swinging its arms in the air shouting ‘Answer Me!’, was ‘Will my Day Trips to Chic, Mommy Style, still be Chic?’ and where as a Mommy will be my escape? The answer was inspired by those who helped me word my question in the first place. The answer was the Kildare Village Outlet itself and after a Day Trip to Chic there (research did include lots of shopping) with my beautiful sister, my adorably gorgeous three year old niece and adorably handsome nine month old nephew here’s why …

A Day Trip to Chic at Kildare Village, Mommy Style

Where else ….

  • Can I be guaranteed parking if I arrive by car, obtain 10% off if I arrive by train and get a free shuttle bus to my shopping destination or obtain 10% off if I arrive by Kavanagh’s Bus?
  • Can I find 60 designer boutiques offering designer bags, shoes, clothes, jewellery and homewares at fashionably lower prices?
  • Can I bring my dog Charlie along and let him park his little hairy self in one of four kennels on the Village grounds?
  • Can I bring my future child(ren) and push them in a pram around boutiques with ample space without the fear of knocking over shelves, stock or whatnot?
  • Can I expect genuine smiles and customer service from the staff from the aforementioned boutiques?
  • Can I avail of an onsite and safe Children’s Play Area, large toilets that fit a pram or small child accompanied by a parent and baby changing facilities?
  • Can I choose to dine al fresco at the Kildare Village Kitchen or Crêperie Angélie, inside in the Dunne and Crezenzi Pantry or L’Officina Restaurant or just grab and go at Starbucks or from the purple D&C mini truck?
  • Can I choose Hands Free Shopping if my hands are too full?
  • Can I admire Irish and International works of art as I stroll and shop?
  • Can I escape on a Day Trip to Chic Mommy Style?

A Day Trip to Chic at Kildare Village, Mommy Style

…. do I need to go on? The answer is simple to me that my secret escape, mixing Food, Fashion and Art has been while child free and will be when with child, Kildare Village Outlet – It will be my Day Trip to Chic, Mommy Style!

P.S It goes without saying that Daddies are welcome too!

For more information on Kildare Village Chic Outlet Shopping, visit their website here. To catch all the news on the Day Trip to Chic Campaign just search for #DayTripToChic on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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