Fashion Fix – An Ode to the Umbrella

An Ode to the Umbrella

Seriously I thought being the age I am and having lived in Ireland most of my life I’d be used to the Irish weather by now but this week has really made me think that I’ve been living in cloud cuckoo land as in recent days I’ve left my house without a jacket or a coat. Today I wore pumps, which, with today’s downpour resulted in me sitting in wet socks and pumps for the remainder of my working day post lunchtime. The joys! But most importantly I, for some reason removed my umbrella from my bag last week and have not replaced it once!

Yes, I’ve been walking about pretending to be an Irish woman … as any real Irish woman would have an umbrella in her bag, actually she might have two.

So when I got home from work today I got my Rhianna on and packed my umbrella ‘ella in my bag. However when doing so I realised that I really could do with a new one … Ireland is good for rain AND wind … so hence the reason for this week’s Fashion Fix post being an Ode to the Umbrella! Apologies for the rambling and as per usual all items are either from Irish stores, can be bought in stores in Ireland or can be delivered here (without big shipping costs) Enjoy my little duckies!

In Your Bag!

In Your Bag Umbrella

Topshop transparent
€25 –
Burberry transparent
€150 –
Zara leopard print
€15 –
€8.99 –
Fulton Black ambassador brolly
€25 –

Flashy Momma Umbrella!

Flashy Momma Umbrella's

Pink Floral Print Dome
€24 –
Gerbera – Full Length
€33 –
Burlesque Ruffle
€38 –
Fifi Frill Hot Pink
€38 –

Fun Umbrella’s!

Fun Umbrellas

I Love Rain Dome Umbrella
€15 –
It’s Raining Cat’s and Dog’s
€33 –
Heart Umbrella
€23 –
Lizbeth Dahl Black Pagoda
€29 –

For the Lovers!

For the Boys Umbrella

The ‘Duo Red’ Double Umbrella
€26 –


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