Fashion Fix – Hats for Winter 2013

Hats for Winter 2013


Designer, Handmade, Boutique and High Street

It’s getting really chilly out now. I suppose we’ve all been expecting it. It is November after all. With the cold weather comes warm clothes and of course a Winter Hat!. I’ve put together a few favourites from Irish Designers, from Irish Boutiques and from the High Street. They range in price, design and uniqueness. 

As per all the my Fashion Fix posts, all items are by Irish or Ireland based Designers, Online Stores, or are available in-store on the High Street here. Have you spotted a favourite? Do you buy a new winter hat each year or have you been wearing the same one since the last big snow? Let me know …


Hats for the Gals – Irish Handmade …

Women's Hats 2013

 Women’s Hats 

Chunky Rasberry Knit Snood
€26.50 – Sophiesknitstuff –

Sherlock Holmes Hat
€55.00 –

Orange Hat and Scarf Set with Brooch
€130.00- Sinead –

Caubeen Peony
€45.00 –

Hats for the Gals – Boutique / High Street …  
Hats for Women 2013
Women’s Hats 

Designer Faux Fur Cossock Hat by Julien MacDonald
€29.25 –

Designer Grey Trilby Hat by Rocha. John Rocha
€23.25 –

Dark Red Animal Print Fedora Hat
€30.00 –

Chunky Knit Beanie Purple
€23.95 –

Grey Bowler Hat
€25.00 –

Helga Bobble Hat
€15.00 –
Hats for the Guys …

Hats for Men 2013 Men’s Hats 

River Island Purple Ribbed Knit Beanie Hat
€10.00 –

Bailey Yates Lite Felt Hat Blue
€75.00 –

Maine New England Grey Waxed Borg Trapper Hat
€34.50 –

Rocha.John Rocha Multi Striped Knitted Beanie

€21.00 –


Hats for the Kiddies …

Hats for Kids 2013

Kids Hats 2013 

€9.55 –

Girls Knitted Hat
€5.95 – h&

Bluezoo Girl’s black panda hat and scarf
€19.50 –

Check Fur Trapper
€9.55 –

Snowman Knitted Hat
€22.00 –

Hot ‘n’ Pink Knitted Hat

€22.00 –
Not forgetting the tiny tots … 

Babies Republic Ireland

As I recently became an aunty again this time to a gorgeous little boy, I couldn’t forget about the little tots! This gorgeous little hat above is called Sleepy Birdie Hat  and is €16.71. It can be bought from Justyna’s Babies Republic shop on Etsy … don’t tell me your heart hasn’t melted! …. and sure while I’m at it here’s a little girlie one! It’s called the Newborn Bonnet and is €14.43! Sweetness!!!

Babies Republic Ireland Pink Hat

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