Five of the Best Afternoon Tea in Dublin City

Five of the Best Afternoon Tea in Dublin

I get a little giddy when someone mentions Afternoon Tea. Maybe it’s the savoury delights or maybe it’s the sweet treats accompanied by freshly brewed specialist tea or coffee. Maybe it’s the cheeky glass of bubbles or the even cheekier teapot of gin cocktail that awaits my eager taste buds. Perhaps it’s the ambience of a top-notch dining area, the service you expect to receive, the intimacy, the fun … who knows, but what I do know is that I have awarded five of Dublin’s Five Star Hotels with my title of ‘Five of the Best Afternoon Tea in Dublin City’ and I’m about to share with you why …

The Best Traditionally Styled Afternoon Tea goes to …

The Shelbourne Dublin, 27 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Five of the Best Afternoon Tea in Dublin City

High on the list of places for many who partake in such a tradition and for those who have always thought about experiencing Afternoon Tea, is the Five Star Renaissance Hotel, The Shelbourne. Located just off Grafton Street, with views of the Victorian in style 22 acre park, St. Stephen’s Green, The Shelbourne is deservedly Five Star from the moment your foot touches the steps on entering this beautiful building to your adieu as you leave, but more on that a little later. Read more here

The Best Afternoon Tea for All the Family, Kids Included goes to …

The Westbury Hotel, Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Afternoon Tea at The Westbury Hotel, Dublin

The Westbury Hotel stands just off of Grafton Street in all its Five Star glory. It’s in an ideal location if you’re visiting Dublin for shopping and sight-seeing but when I visited the hotel today, I wasn’t in Dublin City Centre for either, I was there for The Westbury Hotel’s Afternoon Tea.

I’d heard great things about their Afternoon Tea dining and with statements on their website like “Relax in the elegant environs of The Gallery and immerse yourself in a Dublin Institution – Afternoon Tea at The Westbury Hotel.” … I wanted to check it out for myself so I booked a table for Patrick and I for a little after noon. Read more here

The Best Afternoon Tea for Elegant Boozing goes to …

The Westin Hotel, Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2

Afternoon Tea at The Westin, Dublin

Something to add to your list of ‘To Do’s’ when in Dublin is Afternoon Tea at The Westin Hotel. The Westin is on Westmoreland Street, near Trinity so it’s nice and handy for post shopping trips or indeed for that catch up with your friends or family, or both.

There are two menu’s to choose from for Afternoon Tea at The Westin, there’s A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea and the Traditional Afternoon Tea. Being a tad bit peculiar myself at times, I felt it only fitting that I choose the peculiar option, my sister did the same … it must run in the family! Read more here

The Best Afternoon Tea for Art Loving Foodies (like me) goes to …

The Merrion Hotel Dublin, Merrion Street Upper, Dublin 2

Art Tea - Afternoon Tea at The Merrion, Dublin

Afternoon Tea is held in The Merrion’s Drawing Rooms which are easy to navigate to, you enter the main door, walk through the lobby and take a right. Once there you’ll be greeted and seated. Like all the Afternoon Tea’s I’ve reviewed here on The Life of Stuff before, you must always book in advance and I am underlining this as it is quite important that you get your preferred date confirmed as early as you can, otherwise you will be disappointed.

The Merrion’s ‘Art Tea’ is called so because the pastries which are normally the pastry masterpieces of any afternoon tea are actual masterpieces. Read more here

The Best Afternoon Tea for those who prefer to dine late goes to …

The Fitzwilliam Hotel, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Late Afternoon Tea at The Fitzwilliam Hotel, Dublin

The Afternoon Tea at The Fitzwilliam is different from the other Afternoon Tea’s I’ve tried to date. Firstly it is a Late Afternoon Tea and is served between the hours of 3pm and 7pm, which is a really smart idea if you are meeting friends or family after work during the week or after a day’s shopping at the weekend. It’s available seven afternoon’s a week. Next it takes place at the Inn on the Green which is The Fitzwilliam Hotel’s Cocktail Bar which has a traditional style curved bar but which like the hotel, is very modern, stylish and stream-lined. Read more here


Five of the Best Afternoon Tea in Dublin City

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