Friday’s Frolics – How to Open a Bottle of Wine with Your Shoe

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with Your Shoe

How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe

Maybe you’ve seen this video ‘How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe’ or one similar to this one before, maybe this is your party trick or it’s how you regularly open your wine at the weekend … mwhaha … fair play if you do! The amount of times we have tried to open a bottle of wine by pushing the cork into the wine in order to drink it when there was no corkscrew in sight … and yes I do know you can buy screw cap bottles of wine but sometimes those varieties aren’t what tickles your fancy and sometimes you forget that your picnic basket should include a corkscrew!

If only I’d known this! Tap Tap Tap … I wonder does it work with a stiletto? There are other video’s similar to this one on Youtube but this is the one I was introduced to and to tell you the truth there is something great about listening to the french language throughout the video … I almost imagined for a split second … french gentlemen around the country opening their lovers wine with the tap tap tap of their shoe … Thank you fabiojunior81 …

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