Gruel Guerilla presents Burritos and Brews at Tamp and Stitch

Gruel Guerilla’s Burritos and Brews at Tamp & Stitch, Temple Bar, Dublin


Eight Degrees Brewing

I mentioned last week in my Tamp & Stitch post, which you can read again here, that I’d be heading along to Gruel Guerilla’s delicious concept Burritos and Brews. Well it happened this evening and I got in there on time to get my brews in and to get my hands on and around one of Gruel Guerilla’s yummy for my tummy burritos … there is no photo of my burrito simply because I practically inhaled it. I can tell you though, that it was delicious and from the look of the happy faces in Tamp & Stitch, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. I’m not a huge beer or ale drinker but when I do drink it, I like it cold and I prefer to drink and support craft beers and ales from smaller and up and coming breweries especially Irish ones, so Eight Degree’s (who hail from Ballyhoura Region – that’s North Cork and East Limerick folks!) Howling Gale Ale and Sunburnt Red Irish suited me down to the ground and they went down a treat … I could have drank more than two but it is a school night … I will however be popping them onto my weekend shopping list for sure. Anyhoo if you made it to the Burrito and Brew evening, I’d love to hear your thoughts … for those who didn’t here’s what you missed out on …

Burrito's and Beers - Gruel Guerilla

For more information on Gruel Guerilla you can click here for their website and for Eight Degree’s you can click here … Don’t forget to join them on Facebook and Twitter and a little birdy told me tonight that the next pop-up from Gruel Guerilla might just be Burgers and Bubbles … Whoop!

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