Guidecentral Summer Craft Party, June 27th 2015, Dublin

Guidecentral’s First Crafting Event

GuideCentral Summer Craft Party, June 27th 2015, Dublin

Co-hosted by The chq Building

Saturday, 27 June, 2015 at 11am

Calling all craft lovers … here’s an event to get tickets to … Guidecentral’s First Crafting Event … not too familiar with GuideCentral? I wasn’t either until Catherine from Guidecentral gave me the low down … and here it is …Guidecentral is …

a free mobile app and website based in Dublin that provides a place for people to share their DIY, craft and how-to tutorials with our community of makers, crafters, and DIY fans from all over the world.

Sounds great but what if you’re a really good crafter? Imagine if you could somehow turn your crafty talents into spendable dosh … well low and behold … you can! … with Guidecentral’s Maker Programme. 

Here Catherine makes understanding how this works easy …

Guidecentral is a free (Android and iOS) mobile app and website that boasts a community of makers from around the world who have shared thousands of DIYs, how-tos and tutorials ranging from crochet and upcycling to jewelry and home decor. Our makers are all a part of our Maker Program and earn money for sharing their skills and expertise with our community.
The goal of our Maker Program is to connect people from all around the world who have a passion for crafting. On top of that, we want to recognize and reward talented makers for their skills. Here’s how the program works in a nutshell:
  • Sign up to become a Maker. Get the free app or register on our site.

  • Showcase your projects with crafters from all around the world by creating a guide. You will then earn up to $4 for every new project.

  • Promote your guides and continue earning! With our Social Bonus, you will earn money every time someone in the community likes your guide.

  • Cashout your earnings. Withdraw your earnings via PayPal and use the money however you want!

Being a part of our community of nearly 600k users has helped our makers connect with potential customers and attract followers to their blogs and online businesses. For many of our top makers, Guidecentral has become a part-time job, with some spending up to 10 hours per week on the platform.
More information about our Maker Program can be found here and our free apps are available for download here.

… I need to get my craft on! BUT lets get back to the Summer Craft Party in The Chq Building on Saturday June 27th at 11am …

Press Release:

We’ve opened the event up so whether you’re a master-crafter or just a little crafty at heart, there’s something for everyone.

This event is full of inspiration and ideas for summertime projects like handcrafted accessories, home decor, kids crafts, entertaining and hosting, and more. Visit one of our craft