Health & Beauty – Zenergy, 13 Fade Street, Dublin 2

Zenergy – Health & Beauty Clinic 

Heath & Beauty - Zenergy Fade Street Dublin 2

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have spotted my photo below and read my few lines boasting about what a fab Dermalogica Facial I had just had and that this peaceful setting was my bedroom for about an hour. I also said that a blog would be coming soon. Don’t ask me where those few weeks have gone but they have flown and as I write this tonight I’m thinking it’s time I booked myself in for another pampering at Zenergy because visiting this clinic, nestled in Dublin’s Creative Quarter just once is not enough and I’ll tell you why …

Health & Beauty - Zenergy, 13 Fade Street, Dublin 2

So why choose Zenergy? 

Based on my experience at Zenergy so far, answering this question for you is quite easy and for me can be answered in four words – Expertise, Customer Service, Choice and Availability. I could probably blather on a load of other reasons but lets just cut to the chase on why it is worth your while to consider making Zenergy your one stop Health and Beauty shop for a more relaxed, healthy and beautified you. 


My expert for my fab facial was Dermalogica, Image & Lycon Waxing Specialist, Jean. Her passion for her job and knowledge was evident from the moment I met her to our goodbyes. My facial started off with a free Skin Scanning. I was excited about this but a little worried too as I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily for me my skin is in pretty good shape apart from a little dehydration around my eyes. Nothing that can’t be fixed. For my Dermalogica Facial, Jean explained every step she took, every Dermalogica product she used and had me so relaxed I let a snore out, I could have been embarrassed but I was too relaxed to care. Following my über relaxing facial, Jean went through my face mapping, recommending areas I needed to improve on, my aforementioned eye area, and even gave me some lovely samples to set me on the right track. 

Health & Beauty - Zenergy, 13 Fade Street, Dublin 2

Customer Service

I am a fiend for good customer service, if that makes sense. I can spot good and bad service a mile off. It may have something to do with my upbringing or my years of work experience being the one in charge of delivering it, either way, when a company shows me their good customer service, I like to praise them like you would a good child and spread the word. Here are just some examples of how Zenergy showed me – I received a reminder text about my booking, handy because as every busy man and woman knows, things can slip by. I was greeted with a smile on entering the establishment. I was offered a glass of water because it was evident I had walked rather briskly over to meet my appointment time. I received a text after my pampering session stating that they hoped I had enjoyed it and that they were looking forward to seeing me again. Talk about feeling loved!


Zenergy is all about choice and as a Health and Beauty Clinic for both men and women you just have to click on the treatments button on their website to see that they cater for most needs and wants. Massages include Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage, Reiki and the one that caught my eye (I wonder why … and to be continued), Pregnancy Massage. Health options include Reflexology and Scenar Pain Relief. Beauty includes my tried, tested and loved Dermalogica Facial, Lycon Waxing and Teeth Whitening. Sports includes Physical Therapy, Physio Therapy and Sports Massage. 

Health & Beauty - Zenergy, 13 Fade Street, Dublin 2


Everyone knows how hard it can be to fit well-being in with a hectic busy lifestyle. Not all of us can pop down for a lunchtime pamper or an early afternoon massage so when opening hours extend to 8 and 9pm … and when I know that I could always book an appointment on a Sunday, my attention is caught.

So there you have it – my four reasons why I will be returning to Zenergy and some reasons why you should try it out for yourself. 

Some Stuff You Should Know

Zenergy’s one hour treatments, including the facial I’ve mentioned, are priced at €75. However for first time clients it’s only €49.95! Zenergy also have a membership price which is €55 a month for any one hour treatment, and then €40 for any additional one hour treatment in the same month. Sweet!

After your treatment your Therapist will recommend products that will correct any highlighted skin conditions you may have for example dehydration, redness, acne etc. Zenergy use Dermalogica as it is results driven. Something great is that your Therapist will, when they have them, give you free samples of the products they recommend however if you buy the actual products, you get free gifts. Sweeter!

Finally if customers spend between €90-€100 Zenergy offer a half price facial voucher. Sweetest!

For more information on Zenergy, visit their website here

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