Heineken – Get in the Game – Download and Win

Heineken – Get in the Game


Heineken, the divils are at it again … playing tricks on the unsuspecting folk of Dublin City and ‘putting them to the test’. This time they have roped in the one and only Brent Pope, actually roped is too strong a word as I’m sure it was a twist of his rubber arm!

So lets set the scene … Brent Pope, lights, camera and action for some expert advise ahead of the Heineken Cup Final 2014 from, well, the rugby experts … but wait! Where are these experts? What a no show? The venue is ready. The camera crew are ready. Sound is ready. Make-up is on standby and of course Brent Pope is ready. They can’t just let this go. Something has to be done! Here’s what happened …

Brilliant! and a huge fairplay to the poor lads … loving the fake French accents!

So what’s the message behind this great prank? The message is ‘Heineken Get in the Game‘. A downloadable game to your iphone or android phone that gives you oodles of chances to win great prizes. I’m already hooked on the ‘Catch’ game. I may not be any good but sure heh, it’s all in the name of fun. One tip though, make sure you register before you start playing and maybe I’ll see your name on the Leader Board!


To make it easy for you to start playing I’ve included the download link here game-ie.heineken.com #GetInTheGame #TheBlag

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