Leather is Back ! Back in Black!

The Leather Look is Back

… but it’s not like it ever went away, however for most of us leather or ‘leather look’ fans, it did go into hibernation over the Spring/Summer. I do say for most of us, as there are always a few head-cases walking around in their prized leather jacket rain, hail or snow or there are people like Adrienne, picked below. Adrienne Bailon of reality TV fame didn’t let a simple thing like the Miami sun stop her from wearing the most ridiculous leather bikini/swimsuit thing. The most leather I wore this summer was in the bedroom … I mean were my cowboy style CAT boots, my belts and bags, the usual stuff.

And so we know that leather is back for Autumn/Winter 2012 and I’m sure you know that black is back, again not a surprise as we are talking about the winter season here. It’s quite nice to know that my 75% wardrobe of black won’t go astray amongst the fashion savvy and trendy peeps of Dublin City. Back in Black just like the AC/DC song. Leather and Black how can you go wrong? … Mmmm …

Okay, okay! There are some saying that she’s got it right! Sooo right! and yes Kim is fantastic looking but I’m just thinking that realistically for Autumn/Winter no matter how big voluptuous your butt is you’d still feel a chill in that outfit!

I could tell you that for the Autumn/Winter collections, Valentino and Calvin Klein presented gowns in full black leather and that Fendi, Diane Von Furstenburg, Versace and Givenchy presented knee-length coats and jackets …


Black Leather Versace


Black Leather Givenchy

… okay I just did tell you but I’m not going to go into much detail as the fact of the matter is that it’s not completely new news and the revival of leather and black has already reached the high street and online stores. But if you’d like to check out more from the catwalks you can visit Vogue Uk

I’m a leather or ‘leather look’ fan, I have a very funky bottle green knee-length vintage coat that I picked up many years ago in the vintage store The Harlequin in Dublin. I have a black leather biker style jacket, that again I bought many moons ago but leather wears well! I have a leather look skirt that I bought last winter in Zara that will do just fine this year too, a few pairs of leather look leggings, a pair from Zara, a pair from River Island and a really funky pair which I bought from a lovely little boutique in Ranelagh, Dublin called Bow & Pearl

However … I have been keeping my eye out for some pieces that I could add to my collection to bring it right up and here are a few…


Simplybe leather effect skater skirt

Full Leather Skirt – €104.00, sizes 8 to 16


Oasis Faux Leather Trousers


Faux Leather Trousers – €50.00, sizes 6 to 16

All Saints

Leather is Back ! Back in Black! - All Saints Oxblood Jacket

Oxblood Leather Jacket – €350.00, sizes 4 to 14

Although with the price tag on the All Saints Leather Jacket I think the Top Shop option below would be easier on my card, but Oxblood … oh what a colour!

Top Shop

Leather is Back ! Back in Black! - topshop leather jacket by boutique

Black Leather Biker Jacket by Boutique £165.00, sizes 6 to 16

… looking at my bank balance I should probably think about how I could make one of these jackets out of this … and yes it is used.

Anyhoo those are just a few of the items I’ve spotted in the high street or online but I’m sure that there will be plenty more to add to my list, a list that will most likely never be checked off. For a complete low down on all the trends expected to be seen this Autumn/Winter you can visit the Vogue UK or Fashion Magazine ‘s websites, note the baroque trend, it looks interesting and could be fun to experiment with.

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For boys or men what I will say about the leather and black trend this winter is please heed the following:

Leather is Back ! Back in Black! - Jim Morrison

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