Listen of the Week – 10 Years of Drum & Bass Arena

Drum & Bass Arena Present – 10 Years of Drum & Bass Arena


Drum & Bass Arena

10 Years of Drum & Bass Arena, Upfront mix by Andy C and Classic Mix by Grooverider was released in 2007 but I think it’s only been in my album collection for the past two or so years. When my 32GB iPhone was stolen last summer I had no choice but to permanently borrow my Fiancé’s 16GB iPhone (he was left to use my old brick … now that’s love) … anyhoo when I moved from a 32GB storage capacity to half that I realised that I’d have to make cutbacks so I have tried to keep the amount of music I store on my IPhone down as I am a fiend for photographs and apps. I do change what music is saved on my phone from time to time but some albums remain there and this is one of them. I listened to it today while walking in the blustering rain, and all the way home, it has the effect of turning a leisurely stroll into a brisk verging on jogging walk … I love its energy but maybe that’s because I have a soft spot for Drum & Bass. You’ll love this, hate it or wonder what the hell it is. If you’d like to sample some of the album click here for Chemical Uk’s website.

Drum and Bass Arena Disc 2: The Warning 01


Don’t Forget ↓


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