Love Unique Travel Experiences? then You’ll Love GoCambio

GoCambio – Travel & Exchange Skills and Languages

Love Unique Travel Experiences? then You'll Love GoCambio

GoCambio is a unique new online platform that allows people to travel the world and connect with locals whilst swapping skills for a spare room and a couple of meals a day. GoCambio brings locals and travelers together. For free. It allows locals wishing to improve their skills or learn completely new ones to open up their homes to travelers, hosts offer guests free accommodation in exchange for two hours of skill practice a day. GoCambio want to connect the millions of people around the world who want to improve their skills with the millions of travelers who want a truly unique travel experience and a want to live like a local. So effectively, you could use anything from your cooking to surfing skills to pay for your accommodation – sharing your knowledge is your currency. That’s cambioing!

Love Unique Travel Experiences? then You'll Love GoCambio

GoCambio, which is based in Co. Cork launched in March this year 2015 and they already have 3000 sign-ups in 90 countries! It’s a fantastic way for people who want a unique travel experience and yearn to ‘live like a local’ but don’t want to break the bank doing so!

Love Unique Travel Experiences? Love GoCambio

GoCambio’s mission is to

connect millions of people all over the world wanting to learn or improve on a skill, with the millions who travel in search of unique and independent experiences’ (Teresa Lenane)

I caught up with Teresa Lenane from GoCambio to find out a little bit more about this exciting and new Irish based company who aim to grow their community to one million by the end of 2016!

So Teresa who is GoCambio aimed at and who is it most suitable for?

GoCambio is suitable for different types of people of all ages, from guests looking to travel on a budget, ones that simply want something more culturally enriching than a hotel stay to those seeking a new experience and want to make new friends or have an adventure. Hosts may want to partake in a cambio to learn a new skill/language they are learning in college, young professionals who may be too busy to commit to a class and like the flexibility that being a host gives and families who want their kids to learn a skill or even retirees looking for a new experience. It really has lots of benefits to offer various types of people!

How do you get involved?

If you would like to go on a cambio then it is simple to get started. Simply visit and create a profile as either a host or a guest. Check out other people’s profiles and once you find a suitable match then you can make them an offer or send them a message to arrange your cambio!

Love Unique Travel Experiences? then You'll Love GoCambio

How about some real life feedback?

What I loved the most about cambioing was that I was fully immersed in the culture. If I were to have stayed in a hotel I would have eaten there and used a map to find places to see. However with cambioing I was introduced to many new friends, brought to the local bars and was shown the hidden gems in Zaragoza.” – Sinead Gould, 25, Waterford

I mostly loved the whole concept of the sharing economy. I love meeting new people and it gave me the opportunity to do that, I would definitely recommend GoCambio to anyone who wants to get out there and do something a little bit exciting and unique! Be brave! There is nothing to lose!” – Lorraine Healy, 23, Cork

For more information on GoCambio – visit their website here … but for now why not check out their video for some travel and learning inspiration …

Going on a Cambio from GoCambio on Vimeo

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