Monty Python Live (mostly) Broadcast to Cinemas Around the World

Monty Pyton Live Broadcast

You may or not remember my post way back in January about Monty Python where I featured a brilliant remix by Eclectic Method and talked about their Reunion Stage Show in London and their 44 live (mostly) shows … well … they are due to stage their final performance on July 20th this year, that’s 2014 folks and although I did dream a little about getting over to London to witness their live show in person I feel somewhat consoled by the fact that they are now going to broadcast their Final Show to cinema’s worldwide and that includes Dublin! Whoop!

I was so excited buying my tickets at the Savoy in Dublin today for the screening. The tickets cost €15.00 each and I chose two seats, the other seat is for Patrick of course, up close and personal near the top of Screen One …

Monty Python Sings (again)

If you are a fan of Monty Python, this is a must! Tickets are on sale for the Live Broadcast at various IMC Cinema’s nationwide and to help you along here’s the link to find a cinema near you I know that both the Savoy and the Screen Cinema’s in Dublin are hosting it … but ticket’s won’t last long so get your jig on!

In the meantime have a goo at the ‘Theatrical Trailer’ here …

or check out the Monty Python Sings (again) Album here

Monty Python Sings (again)

Don’t Forget ↓

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